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No Photos 11th Jan 2017 - 11th Feb 2017
Types of Laser RangeFinders

A laser meter is a device that is used to measure a variable. In this page we will focus on three types of laser meters:

Laser distance meters: Also known as range finders or distance meters. Laser Temperature Meters: Laser Thermometers Laser Moisture Meters: Also called hygrometer. laser meter Laser Distance Meter This device is used to measure distances combining the advantages of optical telephones and ultrasonic distance meters. A laser meter (telemetry or distance-meter) allows to achieve the highest precision thanks to the laser beam allows high accuracy and modulation.

What is a laser meter used for? At present, the uses and applications of laser meters are endless. In this page we will focus on professional uses (related to architecture, topography, construction and DIY) and recreational uses (distance meters for golf, distance meters for hunting, etc.).

Laser spacing has become an indispensable tool for architects and for all those people related to construction: masons, carpenters, plumbers, etc. These measuring devices are of very small size, which facilitates their use under difficult conditions. There are different types of meters, and depending on our needs we must choose one or the other.

Thus, we also see that laser distance meters are highly appreciated by those who practice golf and hunting.

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2. Laser Temperature Meter

Pyrometre laser

A temperature or pyrometric laser meter is used to measure the temperature of a non-contact space. This measuring device is especially suitable for professionals who must perform tasks in environments that are likely to be dangerous, or that do not allow a conventional temperature measurement.

In this case, the laser does not measure, but is simply used to "point" the focus of our measurement better.

What applications does the laser pyrometer have?

A laser pyrometer is used, among other situations:

Detect areas and / or hot spots in a fire. Measuring the temperature of an oven Measure food temperature (during cooking and also during storage) Measuring temperature during handling of mechanical equipment Check material temperature One of the recreational applications that takes more importance lately is the measurement of the food during its elaboration. With a laser thermometer, food can be prepared at the right temperature.

Buy a laser thermometer - Buy laser pyrometer Take a look at our specific category for laser temperature gauges. (Link to category)

3. Hygrometer or Moisture Laser Meter A hygrometer or laser moisture meter is a device that accurately measures the percentages of moisture in a given space. At the professional level, these laser meters are used to know the absolute humidity of building materials such as concrete, pavement, asphalt, cement, etc. These absolute humidity laser meters allow the measurement and export of the data to the program used by the construction engineers.

To know the relative humidity of a material, the hygrometers calculate the percentage of water vapor that has a mass of air. It is very important to measure the humidity of our homes, as a poor adjustment of our air conditioning or heating systems leads to a non-optimal percentage of humidity, which can cause health problems: dryness of the throat, dizziness, dehydration, etc. In this link we leave some tips to combat the excess or lack of moisture at home.

In this blog that we start today we will go deeper into the differences and particularities of each laser meter, explaining the latest developments in the market and selecting the best offers.

Remember that if you have any question or comment that you make, you can do it through our contact form or through our profiles in social networks. We will be happy to respond as soon as possible!

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