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No Photos 12th Oct 2017
Arizona state university online degree programs reviews

arizona state university online degree programs reviewsBefore anyone enrolls in an online college, they often ask themselves, Are online degrees respected by employers? A few years back online degrees were being speculated upon by major critics. People perceived them as an easier mode to attain education and some would deem them inferior. However, presently online education has become a norm and people are embracing this approach to learning. Online degrees have gained enough popularity and are now offered by enough brand name brick and mortar colleges, it eliminates the need to disclose that you earned your degree online to potential employers.Back in 2009, Cleveland State University issued a study to find out Are Online Degrees Respected By Employers? The study showed that human resource managers and hiring executives find an online degree worth less than a traditional degree. They argued that there are multiple unaccredited programs providing worthless degrees to people around the globe. This diminished the respect and actual worth of that degree. However now in 2017, times have drastically changed. During hiring process similar to the choice of school, private vs public or secular vs Christian college, no one would ask you that Did you go to campus to attend your courses?Fontana, a reputable hiring agency, representative proclaims that 10 years back people would question online degrees a lot however presently online degrees are respected by employers. A few companies would prefer their employees to have an online degree. It is because online degree showcases their commitment to learning while adhering to multiple other responsibilities. Learning online means balancing your personal chores alongside your education which requires utmost dedication from an individual.

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