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The Soutpiel Safari
11th May 2017
Day 11, Trondheim to Alesund

It's been a strange day today: we had to have an early breakfast as we were docking in Trondheim early and had a bus trip around the city booked - and also wanted to be up in time to say goodbye to Richard and Pat, Aussies from near Perth that we have got very friendly with over the past 10 days. They left us in Trondheim, to go on to Oslo and Copenhagen by train, then London and finally home. Still, like all good friendships, we will meet again!

The bus trip was one we could have skipped actually, but you only know that in retrospect. Fairly uninteresting trundle around town with one photostop at the top of a hill facing into the morning sun, then a 30 minute tour around the Nidaros Cathedral which we had already done last time we were here. Still, it was good to see the university where Wolfgang Schilling taught (Wolfgang & Gabi, sailed together in Newfoundland), and the old wooden houses beautifully preserved up in the expensive part of town!

Back aboard, and Egbert gave us a talk on the law of Jante: strong Scandinavian characteristic underlying all they are, embodying the 10 laws of Jante which basically insist on what I would call the Tall Poppy syndrome - don't stick your head up above the others, remain one with your peer group. Not something I've ever ascribed to, I have to confess!! He went on to say that Paula Coehlo's book The Alchemist had an enormous impact especially in Norway, as this basically told people to ignore what others said and to stand up for yourself - ignored by most Norwegian men, but changed many Norwegian women's lives!

The afternoon was a lovely slow ride along the coast, interrupted by a "short talk on navigation" which John was interested in until he found out it cost 580kr and realised he probably knew far more than the audience anyway! But we did have a special treat, taken up to the bridge for a personal visit to that holy of holies. John was like a pig in mud, asking all sorts of highly intelligent questions that had my eyes glazing over and startled the young helmsman on duty! 

The ship population has thinned out quite dramatically since Trondheim, and another batch left to do the Atlantic Road bus tour from Kristiansund, so we are down to one sitting tonight, 7pm. Then it's "Chef Surprise" at 21.30, and a 40 minute walk in Alesund at 00.05 - not sure I'll make that one.

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