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No Photos 1st Jun 2018
Duck Soup: Not Groucho's, But Mine

As a veteran of the restaurant industry for more years than I'd like to admit, I have seen many parents practically do hand stands in order to get their kids to eat. Here comes the choo-choo! Or they humiliate themselves into making propeller airplane noises. And, heaven forbid the food in question is not perfectly square and golden brown and crusted with some corn based product. This is not to say that kids are the only ones that fickle (read:damn picky) when it comes to their food. I have seen grown adults flinch and make faces when the suggestion is floated to order something a bit different. Instead of suggesting duck breast, you would think the offering was a cyanide tablet.Foods are rich in LPO includes, foods that make with the oil temperature high than 200 degree and foods are exposure to the sunlight, such as smoked fish, slow cooked pulled duck breast, roasted goose and so on. All these foods would accumulate in our body, and damage some metabolic enzyme and thus make our brain premature aged or dementia.I have even had some recipes for main dishes ruined this way, such as one for Sweet and Sour Chicken that was diluted and overcooked while I followed the recipe. And I did follow it--to the letter-which is what I always do when testing a recipe.When our server eventually brought out our orders, I was half full from bread and soup, but I made plenty of room for chef Carol's Chipotle Duck Wrap, which, according to their menu, is a dish that combines grilled and marinated how to cook duck (which is still dark meat), spinach, black beans, green onion, garlic, avocado, pico de gallo and their special chipotle mayonnaise. My order also came with over-sized tortilla chips and the best pineapple salsa I've ever had.Dishes such as chicken in the crock pot recipes like chicken noodle soup, may require pasta that is cooked alone and added to the slow cooker duck. A great tip to remember is to let the noodles cook to 'just done' and not limp so that it will hold up in the crock pot during the last 30 minutes of cooking. Same goes for casseroles that will be baked in the oven for additional cooking time.Our meal ended up costing about $235. Craft cooking time for a whole duck gave Bill a complimentary dessert. Had they not done that, the check would have been closer to $250. It was definitely not the cheapest meal we've ever had, but we still felt it was worth every penny. The food was exquisite and the service was very professional but not at all snobby or stuffy. They even presented us with little packets of homemade granola as a morning snack.Patrons enjoying the fantastic wine and superb food may consider heading upstairs to continue the luxury of it all-read a review of the Ritz Carlton Denver and make a night of it. ELWAY'S does offer in-room dining for breakfast or catch breakfast in the dining from from 6:00 am until 10:00 am. Either way, a perfect mid-week vacation.

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