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395 Diary Entries
1st Sep 2018Barrabados!!!
6th Jul 2018Bill
20th Jun 2018Dahn saufff....
4th Jun 2018Doing nothing!
14th May 2018Where does all the time go?
30th Apr 2018Friends in fly places!
30th Apr 2018And now the bad news
30th Apr 2018Its the wrong san jose gromit!
20th Apr 2018Another day in paradise part II
20th Apr 2018Another day in paradise!!!
13th Apr 2018Second draught....
24th Mar 2018Its not really new, its not really mexico...
3rd Mar 2018The beast from the east.
14th Feb 2018AIRPORTS
5th Feb 2018Back to haiti
26th Jan 2018Soviet murals etc.
19th Jan 2018Inside the zone.
4th Jan 201810th january
19th Nov 2017Oh, yes, you best did!
17th Nov 2017OH, NO, YOU BETTER DIDNT!
5th Nov 2017Novembrrrrrrrr!
13th Sep 2017Scotland...its dark, it rains, and its windy...but it doesnt have hurricanes!
3rd Sep 2017OBX nc, TN, AK, MISS, AL, GA and back.
3rd Sep 2017The longest journey!
3rd Aug 2017Coming soon....
27th Jun 2017Are theire 5 riders of the apocalypse?
9th Apr 2017If i didnt have you....
18th Mar 2017The 4 riders of the apocalypse visiting....
24th Feb 2017Life is a rollercoaster,
27th Jan 2017Rose.
11th Jan 2017Rose
19th Dec 2016My life is flashing in front of my eyes, and im not even drowning!
15th Dec 2016Its beginning to feel a lot like christmas....
7th Dec 2016Haiti...
11th Oct 2016Highlights of my 100 hour working fortnight!!!
23rd Sep 2016More havers....
21st Sep 2016The latest fads....
19th Sep 2016Back a week...and
8th Sep 2016The bearable niceness of kas!
23rd Aug 2016The very special hell that is retail!
19th Aug 2016Festival schmestival.
18th Jul 2016Havers, lassie, havers.
29th Jun 2016GOOD THINGS!
15th Jun 2016Summer is over!
19th May 2016'how to' miami, or SoBe etiquette for beginners!
13th May 2016Approval!
29th Apr 2016The 4 esses!
7th Apr 2016Spring in the northern hemisphere...
24th Mar 2016Icelandic signs.
10th Mar 2016The poison sandwich part II
7th Feb 2016RIP these trees
1st Feb 2016The poison sandwich, and other scottish horror tales.
14th Jan 2016Holy guacamole it's no longer snowy!
10th Jan 2016Utahlicious!
5th Jan 2016Holy frijole its snowy!
3rd Dec 2015Lets call the whole thing off....
19th Nov 2015Heavenly haiti...
3rd Nov 2015Locked and cocked and ready to rock!
26th Oct 2015Ribs schmibs!
18th Sep 2015Can you believe.....
8th Sep 2015The turkish delight of indolence.
26th Aug 2015What is it about kas......
4th Aug 2015Bet you cant wait.
22nd Jul 2015Last night a dj saved my hang on...
2nd Jul 2015The things you learn....
22nd Jun 2015No dark till edinburgh....
1st Jun 2015MORA NOLA!
21st May 2015Norlins....what a hoot!
13th May 2015You call it nawlans....
5th May 2015Public enemy no 1!
27th Apr 2015Snow, hail, arctic wind...just another april day in scotland.
21st Apr 2015Spring...thank the lord..or whoever!
10th Apr 2015The strange lives of swans, and other tales of the unexpected.
19th Mar 2015Methods of transport.
9th Mar 2015Domestic goddess!!!
5th Feb 2015Its just offal....!
29th Jan 2015It everything shite...or is that just me!
11th Jan 2015Always take the weather with you.....
7th Jan 2015Ive been transported to australia...
5th Jan 2015The big house on th paddock.
13th Dec 2014BARCELONA.
22nd Nov 2014Raw travel.
8th Nov 2014Waking up in Raleigh.
7th Nov 2014Leaving haiti.
1st Nov 2014Usofa...happy days
6th Oct 2014The strange colours of your bodies tears.
2nd Oct 2014Octobrrrrrr!
27th Sep 2014Demanding a recount.
23rd Sep 2014Just say no..apparently!
18th Sep 2014D-day!
17th Sep 2014EXCITEMENT!
13th Sep 2014Should we stay or should we go..?
29th Aug 2014Life in primary colours.
26th Aug 2014In heavenly kas.
14th Aug 2014Neologs!
31st Jul 2014Its that time again...
24th Jul 2014Random musings from fountainbridge.
22nd Jul 2014A night with sir tom....knickertastic!
15th Jul 2014Happiness.
12th Jul 2014God.
10th Jul 2014Main holiday!
29th Jun 2014Ramadan mubarak and other tales of denial.
19th Jun 2014The queen's baton and other pointless things to create excitement!
31st May 2014Trams.....they are here, they are now......
27th May 2014Nothing to report.....
11th May 2014Back to boggers...
10th May 2014Interesting facts about Colombia part 2.
9th May 2014Interesting facts about colombia.
9th May 2014Whizzy whirl.
9th May 2014Taganga
4th May 2014Maybe its a little too early to tell...
4th May 2014Cartagenatastic
1st May 2014Bogolicious.
29th Apr 2014Locked and cocked and ready to rock.
17th Apr 2014What a million pesos looks like, and other tales...
9th Apr 2014What we did in iceland.
5th Apr 2014Northern lights tour.
4th Apr 2014Eating puffin in iceland.
27th Mar 2014Facts about iceland.
15th Mar 2014NEW AND SHINY!
6th Feb 2014Chinese warrior lanterns.
18th Jan 2014What we did in denmark.
14th Jan 2014Denmark...happiest country in europe?
8th Jan 2014New cajigers! or, is it true you cant teach an old dog new tricks.
29th Dec 2013The twelve days of greggs christmas....
11th Dec 201311/12/13
7th Dec 2013Fungus, lazers and glasses...these are a few of my favourite things.
28th Nov 2013Rubbish blogger!
13th Nov 2013Have i been watching too many horror movies?
10th Nov 2013Ancient or what?
6th Nov 2013The olympics of sleep.
2nd Nov 2013Helloween!
17th Oct 2013News.
13th Oct 2013Why is there never enough time?
9th Sep 2013Indolence!
7th Sep 2013Bikini changing in turkey
5th Sep 2013Kas heaven.
3rd Sep 2013Ready too early....
31st Aug 2013The dirty bastards....
9th Aug 2013Yes, its that time of year again....
28th Jul 2013Visit of the 2 andersons!
28th Jun 2013Professional dilemma!
23rd Jun 2013The concept of happiness.
13th Jun 2013The fragile things.
28th May 2013Bliss and other words to that effect.
23rd May 2013Whats been happening here and other boring tales.
6th May 2013The future of the world, royal style.
28th Apr 2013Rites of passage on a cambodian moped and other stories.
22nd Apr 2013Million dong dinner and other tales of SEA.
20th Apr 2013HCMC!
17th Apr 2013Hello ho chi Minh!
15th Apr 2013Happy new year!!
13th Apr 2013Oh, Angkor! the world's greatest temple theme park!
11th Apr 2013We're going to angkor yippee!
11th Apr 2013Kindle taxi.
6th Apr 2013Klm...dutch for 'kinda lousy messaging'.
1st Apr 2013Poem
25th Mar 2013Happiness.
18th Mar 2013Bowie, beetroot and baloney.
10th Mar 2013The white hell!
6th Mar 2013Life a users manual.
24th Feb 2013NEW LAMPS FOR OLD!
11th Feb 2013Work of the devil!
18th Jan 2013Home savoury home!
11th Jan 2013All good things come to an end..why oh why?
8th Jan 2013FIRE FIRE FIRE!
4th Jan 2013Happy new year from the land of the future.
28th Dec 2012Perfect times, stoopidly long flights, and loose ends!
5th Dec 2012Im ill!
18th Nov 2012Hey..i can see out!
13th Nov 2012Life in a cave.
8th Nov 2012Back from the 'bul
21st Oct 2012Now just saville!
17th Oct 2012Tales of the unexpected!
6th Oct 2012Another load of rubbish!
18th Sep 2012Creepy cupcakes, slug invasions and playing death!
16th Sep 2012Wounded arms, burning men and playing death.
9th Sep 2012The joys of wikipaedia!
8th Sep 2012Interesting facts about turkey.
19th Aug 2012Eid!
11th Aug 2012Edinburgh festival update part 2.
8th Aug 2012Edinburgh festival update.
5th Aug 2012In the us it would be called the festival bang!
11th Jul 2012My new best friend!
13th Jun 2012The torch, the torch!
2nd Jun 2012A few things you never knew about the queen.
1st Jun 2012So long old friend!
25th May 2012The jubilee, the torch and other pointless tittle-tattle!
16th May 2012Snow in may and other tales!
9th May 2012Its may, there must be blossom on my shoes!
5th May 2012Watching paint dry!
28th Apr 2012Fucking dancer!
25th Apr 2012Strange spring happenings!
7th Apr 2012Easter saturday!
4th Apr 2012The worlds shortest summer!
18th Mar 2012Light!
26th Feb 2012Funny press stories and other tosh!
10th Feb 2012Tv vs laptop!
8th Feb 2012Happy birthday eli..
4th Feb 2012Mice, pink screens and other gash!
19th Jan 2012The maldives effect.
24th Dec 2011Kim jong-il's death...the official version.
22nd Dec 2011R.i.p. kim jong-il
12th Dec 2011A whole new decade...
8th Dec 2011The horror...the horror!
4th Dec 2011Smoking in turkey and otber random shite,
5th Nov 20115th november..
30th Oct 2011Cash with a 'k'.
14th Oct 2011This time last week.....
9th Oct 2011Turkish delight
3rd Oct 2011Medical emergency
2nd Oct 2011Turkey...ya fucking dancer!
23rd Sep 2011Lets go turkey.
8th Sep 2011Remember remember...
4th Sep 2011September life in a nutshell!
27th Aug 2011Funny?
20th Aug 2011You couldnt make it up!
17th Aug 2011The horror, the horror.
11th Aug 2011Skydive.
10th Aug 2011The birds!
4th Aug 2011More of a tumble than a jump!
28th Jul 2011The bulwer-lytton fiction contest 2011.
2nd Jul 2011Will i jump..i fucking hope so!
26th Jun 2011Did i jump...
23rd Jun 2011Will she jump, or will she be pushed?
5th Jun 2011Life in june.
29th May 2011Back on qwerty..thank the lord!
21st May 2011France via germany and luxembourg.
7th May 2011Scottish elections, storms and other stories!
5th May 2011Obl is dead, the world is a safer place!
28th Apr 2011Wedding schmedding!
17th Apr 2011Spring has sprung!
27th Mar 2011Lets gdansk!
6th Mar 2011The joys of sunday!
20th Feb 2011The error of st john!
7th Feb 2011What we cant live without.
22nd Jan 2011Oh, the irony...
20th Jan 2011Im back, and this time im wireless!!
17th Jan 2011LUSH ON HER WAY BACK ...
15th Jan 2011Boo hiss...
13th Jan 2011Floods, games and more tales.
11th Jan 2011Floods, budgiesmugglers and other tales!
10th Jan 2011We're building an ark.
2nd Jan 2011Ive just woken up in tomorrowland....and it feels goood..
3rd Dec 2010Besieged by white stuff!
6th Nov 2010Bonfire night, what a wash out!
30th Oct 2010Halloween.
1st Oct 2010Maldives..home to the worlds most expensive smarties!
28th Sep 2010Carry-on maldives.
18th Sep 2010Living as robinson crusoe!
10th Sep 2010EID MUBARAK!
27th Aug 2010Funnier than the fringe...
22nd Aug 2010Edinburgh festival..what larks!
8th Aug 2010The edinburgh festival: an unofficial guide for edinburgers.
18th Jul 2010Revelations..or is it just havers as usual!
6th Jul 2010New wall project.
4th Jul 2010Thought for tomorrow, as its 11.57pm
9th Jun 2010Sleep.
16th May 2010I have lost my voice!
13th May 2010News from the country with the half-baked government.
8th May 2010News from the country with no government.
5th May 2010Thought for today.
20th Apr 2010Clouds on the horizon.
17th Apr 2010Election fever..and a giant ash cloud on the horizon!
11th Apr 2010Election..what election..?
28th Mar 2010God of war...the best game ever?...
21st Mar 2010Open windows!
4th Mar 2010New hall..whaddya think?
28th Feb 2010Decorating. dont get me started.
21st Feb 2010Non-pimping..serendipity or loss?
26th Jan 2010The rollercoaster ride of insurance claims.
19th Jan 2010Toilet trauma!
16th Jan 2010Home, shcmome!
15th Jan 2010Bloody bangkok.
11th Jan 2010Debbie might do dallas...but binni does barby better!
10th Jan 2010Waltzing matilda!
6th Jan 2010Welcome to the land of tomorrow
3rd Jan 2010All packed and ready.
1st Jan 2010Welcome twenty ten...and not a moment too soon!
24th Dec 2009White christmas..and, unfortunately, im not dreaming!
20th Dec 2009Equinox!
6th Dec 2009Saturday night...its my boy!
29th Nov 2009Forgive me if i commit suicide right now...
21st Nov 2009Finished with the ghetto.....
15th Nov 2009Goodbye westerhailes, hello nicolson street!
24th Oct 2009The end of british summer time!
11th Oct 2009Tracy adds bird to her name!
10th Oct 2009Arch mania...its not just an eyebrow!
7th Oct 2009Bet you wish you had to get up at 6am to work in this stylish outfit!
27th Sep 2009Happy birthday gareth!
20th Sep 2009Ya fucking dancer.part 2.
13th Sep 2009Fuck, fuck, fuckinty fuck!
6th Sep 2009Buns and cake!
23rd Aug 2009Big sister is watching you!
15th Aug 2009These girls led me astray!
8th Aug 2009Eli, how about this for your facebook profile pic...
24th Jul 2009Bucking the trend!
18th Jul 2009Skypealiscious.
5th Jul 2009Gadget fool.
28th Jun 2009New toy..all 32 inches, and they say size doesnt matter!
11th Jun 2009Jammy bugger!
8th Jun 2009Where does the time go?
7th Jun 2009I wanna be in amerika...ok with me in amerika...
29th May 2009Going to yankeedoodleland!
24th May 2009This is the meat market arch.
20th May 2009European elections...
10th May 2009Trivia..
9th May 2009Religion...
3rd May 2009Swine flu...
19th Apr 2009Spring started..then it stopped!
5th Apr 2009From a mere stripling to an old harridan!
4th Apr 2009So, can anyone think of anything good right now...?
15th Mar 2009Where in the world? nowhere, unless you count scotland as somewhere!
8th Mar 2009Scotland...dont ever live here!
22nd Feb 2009Life in the frozen north.
10th Feb 2009Perhaps a little premature on the snow forecast!
7th Feb 2009Its not snowing!
25th Jan 2009Rehab!
15th Jan can still smoke in bars!!
23rd Dec 2008Christmas is coming, and i intend to get very fat indeed!
18th Dec 2008Bring on the huge meal!
19th Nov 2008Bills latest 15 mins of fame.
9th Nov 2008So what do you think, is my hair just too big, or what?
5th Nov 2008Remember, remember the 5th of november! will we ever!
2nd Nov 2008Novembbbrrrr!
14th Sep 2008Fgm..
21st Aug 2008Gettin the ferry to helsinki.
19th Aug can cross in in 4 hours!
14th Jun 2008Which one is the evil terrorist?
7th May 2008The book you should have got, and other stories!
20th Apr 2008Lush's tips for the perfect trip to cuba.
20th Apr 2008Past men i almost married.
7th Apr 2008Off our rockers!
2nd Apr 2008Havana news bulletin.
29th Mar 2008Havanaaa...heaven
22nd Mar 2008Cubanisation is here..
15th Mar 2008The thing about cubanisation.
11th Mar 2008Only a week and 4 days to go till cubanisation!
9th Mar 2008Its is about as exciting as it gets!
1st Mar 2008Hades!
20th Feb 2008End of an era!
10th Feb 2008No contact. yikes.
7th Feb 2008And another wrong thing...!
31st Jan 2008Can anything else go wrong???
18th Jan 2008Budapest? no, fucking edinburgh!
8th Jan 2008Hi derek..
2nd Jan 2008They think its all is now!
1st Jan 2008Happy new year!
18th Dec 2007Another day another pile of dirty old tat!
15th Dec 2007Old dame with tats.
9th Dec 2007Calling eli...
23rd Nov 2007Tuuummee!
30th Oct 2007Still in the zoo.
2nd Oct 2007Intersting facts about latvia..
26th Sep 2007Re benga boys
27th Apr 2007Mand get in touch
21st Apr 2007Interesting facts about havana.
17th Oct 2006You say timbuktu, i say tombouctou.
13th Oct 2006Mali
14th Oct 2005New toy.
5th Aug 2005By hog or by clog..
23rd Jul 2005Were back and this time were mad.
17th Jul 2005Coast to coast
12th Jul 2005Amex.shmamex
7th Jul 2005Fanpaztic..and birthdays
6th Jul 2005Yamas not llamas
1st Jul 2005Chile by name chile by nature
29th Jun 2005In the land of the poncho
27th Jun 2005Buenos aires
25th Jun 2005Mado is about to enter the scene
24th Jun 2005Foz.
22nd Jun 2005Sweaty salvador
20th Jun 2005Carry on up the amazon
15th Jun 2005Mosquito hell.
13th Jun 2005In the jungle in swimwear at dusk
12th Jun 2005Rio babe
4th Jun 2005Not leaving stress
4th Jun 2005Leaving stress

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