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Travelling Harfields
230 Diary Entries
3rd Feb 2018Happy Birthday to Me!
14th Nov 2017A front-row seat to history - Washington DC - November 2017
29th Oct 2017The Last Pair of Shoes - October 2017
27th Oct 20172nd and 3rd pair of shoes - Magic Castle - October 2017
19th Oct 20176. Only 4 pairs of shoes left - Flipflops - must be California
11th Oct 20175. only 5 pairs of shoes left - what to wear when you're driving....
8th Oct 20174. Only 6 pairs of shoes - A Brit of Magic
5th Oct 20173. Only 7 pairs of shoes left - The Rockies
3rd Oct 20172. Omaha Magical Society- Only 8 pairs of shoes
2nd Oct 20171. Only 8 pairs of shoes - Oct '17 Road Trip
5th Jun 2017Day 6 - Way out West
4th Jun 2017Day 5 - Way out West
3rd Jun 2017Day 4 - Way out West
2nd Jun 2017Day 3 - Way out West
1st Jun 2017Day 2 Way out West
31st May 2017Day 1 - We are off West
26th May 2017The Lethal Weapon
25th Apr 2017Saying goodbye to Mycenae
24th Apr 2017Thoughts from a 2nd year student - Felicity Ruth Harfield
2nd Feb 2017Day 8 and the end of the #eccentricbutmature year
30th Jan 2017Day 7 & a little family history
29th Jan 2017DAY 6 - Turn Around
28th Jan 2017Day 5 - How I met your mother.... or something
27th Jan 2017Day 4 - A rather SMASHING Day
26th Jan 2017Day 3 - Bitter Sweet
25th Jan 2017Day 2 - Lets look at San Fran
24th Jan 2017The Diary of the Travelling GrandMother
12th Jul 2016Final Day in the Mini Winnie
11th Jul 2016The Mini Winnie Holiday - Day 4
10th Jul 2016The Mini Winnie Holiday - Day 3
9th Jul 2016The Mini Winnie Holiday - Day 2
8th Jul 2016The Mini Winnie Holiday Day 1
19th May 2016Fizzy-Girl's blog entry on life, uni, friends and her Mother!
30th Apr 2016FaceBook & Keith Fields Birthday
28th Apr 2016Its my day I'll do what I like with it!
2nd Mar 2016Holding Virtual Hands
12th Feb 2016STRONG - Its not about muscles!
10th Feb 2016LAS VEGAS
9th Feb 2016Utah, a tiny bit of Arizona and Nevada
8th Feb 2016The Super Bowl, The Magician and The Loo
5th Feb 2016Stunning Iowa and Road Runner on the #eccentricbutmature Road Trip
4th Feb 2016The #eccentricbutmature Road Trip
3rd Feb 2016Keith Fields on the 7 year anniversary of our adventure in the USA
2nd Feb 2016Written by our baby girl on the celebration of Sarah being #eccentricbutmature
27th Jan 2016Missing Christmas Cards!
22nd Jan 2016The start of the # - #eccentricbutmature
20th Jan 2016Auto Show - Detroit
7th Dec 2015Christmas Cards
2nd Dec 2015Dr Ruth Marchant's, Lesvos Greece, & the Church Mag!
25th Oct 2015A Blog A Day - 25 October - An old Friend
23rd Oct 2015A Blog a Day - 23 October - Marketing
19th Oct 2015A Blog a Day - 19 October - The Little Green Fellow
12th Oct 2015Monday 12 October – A Blog a day…. Is totally unpractical
6th Oct 2015A Blog a day.. Tuesday 6th
5th Oct 2015A Blog a day.... Monday is show day and everybody's happy!
4th Oct 2015A Blog a day..... Sunday 4th October 2015
3rd Oct 2015A Blog a Day.... Saturday 3rd October 2015
2nd Oct 2015A Blog a Day keeps the memory from being over used! - Life on the Road
30th Sep 2015The Active Octogenarian & The Jaded
4th Sep 2015There Were 5 in the Bed
2nd Sep 2015Star Wars
31st Jul 2015The last of the Indian Internship
16th Jul 2015Week 4 in India...
28th Jun 2015What is happening in Bangalore aka Bengaluru
22nd Jun 2015A little something from Oliver
3rd Jun 2015Today is my last day in American High School!
13th May 2015Sad News
25th Apr 2015Jerry's Insulin Challenge...
2nd Apr 2015We're going on a PD Hunt
26th Mar 2015Bleakness to Magnificence
21st Mar 2015The Social Worker, the Doc and the Nurse......
24th Jan 2015Slummy Mummy
10th Jan 2015'Take Your Children to Work Day'
13th Aug 2014#1stworldproblem
11th Aug 2014This stain glass will get you!
10th Aug 2014Name this buildings location
31st Jul 2014The end of the journey!
27th Jul 2014The Wedding Hat needs wifi!
27th Jul 2014The Wedding Hat - must try harder
27th Jul 2014The Wedding Hat needs to pray
27th Jul 2014The Wedding Hat
12th Jul 2014A Brit of Magic
9th Jul 2014FYI
11th May 2014Happy Mother's Day
1st May 2014Thought for the day!
15th Apr 2014Wrong on 2 continents
6th Mar 2014A Ginger Delight
3rd Mar 2014Where are we...
14th Nov 2013Blog post from University of Michigan, freshman student..
31st Oct 2013Guess who...I'm back.... and a p.s. from Oliver
5th Sep 2013Young Mum and the Not Quite So Young Mother
18th May 2013Senior Pictures
6th May 2013The Bachelor - you will have to copy and paste links!
10th Apr 2013Still here!
5th Mar 2013My Boys
23rd Feb 2013Oh I do love to be beside the sea side
19th Jan 2013End of 2012 and the start of 2013
5th Dec 2012Wonderful Visitors!
27th Nov 2012Bird's Custard Powder
6th Nov 2012Dont Panic
30th Sep 2012Can you adam and eve it!
14th Sep 2012100 steps to The White House
15th Aug 2012Sherlock Harfield
9th Aug 2012Olympic Britain and other things I dont know about...
7th Jul 2012Sorry about the typo's...
6th Jul 2012My More Mature Friends
30th May 2012Random Photos
19th Apr 2012Am I missing something...
10th Apr 2012Blessings
3rd Apr 2012Trains!
25th Mar 2012The Entrepreneur and the Roller Coaster
2nd Feb 2012Oooooh yer Las VEGAS Baby
25th Jan 2012Where has all the snow gone!
13th Jan 2012Guts by Keith Fields
12th Jan 2012The end of 2011 and the start of 2012
2nd Jan 2012Londinium
7th Dec 2011I'm trying ...
1st Nov 2011Getting ready for an American Festival
15th Oct 2011The things you have learned by 80
27th Sep 2011The rest of Summer 2011
14th Aug 2011And so back to Troy and a little painting.....
13th Aug 2011Important to me!
8th Jul 2011We are in London Yippppeeee photos soon I promise
16th Jun 2011Oliver and the American History Project
13th Jun 2011AH HA More Photos
5th Jun 2011Cup Cakes
2nd Jun 2011The Duck and the Chick..... did you see that episode of Friends......... oh forget it
14th May 2011Just waiting
23rd Apr 2011Spring is Sprung
8th Apr 2011Its sooooo big
7th Apr 2011DC
5th Apr 2011Lincoln to Washington
4th Apr 2011Gettysburg
23rd Mar 2011Good things come to those that wait!
9th Mar 2011YES I DID IT
18th Feb 2011Thank you Mandy Coombes
1st Feb 2011We live in Troy and this is the email I got tonight... so excited
20th Jan 2011Postcards of the Homeland
16th Jan 2011Melancholy
14th Jan 2011Snow angels
21st Dec 2010Just packing.... again
16th Dec 2010Random Stuff, Baby Shower and Cookie Swap!
29th Nov 2010Another shocking piece of news!
22nd Nov 20108.25am
13th Nov 2010Introducing the Newest Harfield
2nd Nov 201020 years ago
21st Oct 2010Homecoming Again
10th Oct 2010Funny thing
20th Sep 2010Monday night in
16th Sep 2010The Stevensons
5th Sep 2010Summer Update - sorry about the delay!
15th Aug 2010Stuff happens
14th Aug 2010No Title
5th Jul 2010France
15th Jun 20104 Weeks
24th May 2010Family Summit
14th May 2010Jolly Blighty
2nd May 2010So I'm sitting on the plane
17th Apr 2010Alice through the Looking Glass
9th Apr 2010Oh and cosmic bowling and japanese steak house!!!
8th Apr 2010I never finished this one!
6th Apr 2010Rather rubbish
26th Mar 2010So I went to Canada
21st Mar 2010Jolly Amish
18th Mar 20104 New things this Week!
12th Mar 2010Nearly normal
6th Mar 2010Saturday
23rd Feb 2010Other Harfield's snow man
21st Feb 2010Goodyboxes
11th Feb 2010The musical event of the century!
10th Feb 2010A Snow Day
9th Feb 2010Its coming!
29th Jan 2010Music Ensemble
28th Jan 2010Video of felicity and her cheer champions
28th Jan 2010Smucker's / Robinsons
22nd Jan 2010Go Blues!
19th Jan 2010A funny thing happened on the way to the airport
15th Jan 2010Just a quickie
13th Dec 2009Isaiah 45V2-3
29th Nov 2009I'm sorry
16th Nov 2009Halllooooooooweeeeeeeeeen
15th Nov 2009??
13th Nov 2009Keith is busy!
29th Oct 2009Home Coming
20th Oct 2009From Fizzy & the Larson Rebels Cheerleading Squad
19th Oct 2009Dennis Harfield
26th Sep 2009Fall is coming!
23rd Sep 2009The Welsh have arrived!
13th Sep 2009A BIG thankyou
9th Sep 2009Todays the day!
8th Sep 2009What about the Doctors!
25th Aug 2009Re-tracing our steps
24th Aug 20094am
2nd Aug 2009Birthdays, Anniversarys, Grandparents & utube
25th Jul 2009No Title
23rd Jul 2009Philly today Baltimore tomottow
14th Jul 2009Silver Lake
10th Jul 2009Before I go to bed
9th Jul 2009Another one from Oli
23rd Jun 2009Graduations
16th Jun 2009My Mother
3rd Jun 20094873 Foxcroft Drive, Troy, MI 48085
28th May 2009On the street again!
20th May 2009Where's your Colon
15th May 2009Just a quickie!
10th May 2009Time Flys & Pigs Flu
7th May 2009You Tube
25th Apr 2009Fizzy's World No.2
12th Apr 2009Traditional Easter
10th Apr 2009He is Risen
5th Apr 2009Weather Warning
28th Mar 2009Things are a little different over here
24th Mar 2009Short Update and Pigs
19th Mar 2009From Oli Harfield
17th Mar 2009St Patrick
14th Mar 2009Baseball
13th Mar 2009Friday Night
5th Mar 2009And then there were 3 Travelling Harfields
3rd Mar 2009Fizzy's World
1st Mar 2009One Travelling Harfield
21st Feb 2009Introducing theeeeeeeeeeee. HARFIELDS!
20th Feb 2009A Busy Day for the Harfield Ladies
18th Feb 2009A day in the life of 9 Harfields
13th Feb 2009Social security numbers and driving licences!
3rd Feb 2009How did He create the world in 7 days?
2nd Feb 2009The Morning of the big day
1st Feb 2009The Begining

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