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Education is Light
479 Diary Entries
14th Oct 2018Mtwapa Academy launches a story book project..........'My book buddy'!!!!!!!
1st Aug 2018Former Babington Academy teacher visits Mtwapa Academy-Kenya, Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10th Jul 2018It's coming home!
6th Jul 2018Non-uniform day at Babington Academy
1st Jul 2018Thank you Thank you Val from the Benson's family!!!!!!!!
30th Jun 2018Hamisi and Abdalla's grandmother passes on!!!!
17th Jun 2018Friends across the miles... Babington Academy and Mtwapa Academy
14th Jun 2018Getting ready to welcome Charlie
3rd Jun 2018Mtomondoni Sponsorship Program, sponsored kids school list-2018
19th May 2018Abdalla speaking on his final year in secondary school!!!!!
25th Apr 2018Mapenzi
8th Apr 2018Hamisi
27th Mar 2018Salwa
15th Mar 2018Asma
23rd Feb 2018Gibson
18th Feb 2018Diego
9th Feb 2018Alfred
30th Jan 2018Abdalla to Clive Kidd.
30th Jan 2018Pendo to Lynn Wann
30th Jan 2018Zawadi to Vicky
30th Jan 2018Joseph to the Heggs family.
30th Jan 2018Shila to Heggs family
30th Jan 2018Samuel to Lynn Wann
30th Jan 2018Mapenzi to Brockington College-England.
30th Jan 2018Alfred to Gerald.
24th Jan 2018Gibson's new special school admission.
20th Jan 2018Mtwapa Academy school-new permanent school kichen building work!!!!!!
17th Jan 2018Mtwapa Acdemy new permanent school kitchen completion and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
31st Dec 2017Mtwapa Academy KCPE kids shine!!!!!!!!!!!!
31st Dec 2017From Mapenzi to Sara
31st Dec 2017From Justin to Sara.
31st Dec 2017From Ben to Sara.
31st Dec 2017From baby Gail to Gail
31st Dec 2017From Rahab (Mtwapa Academy school director) to Gail and Sara.
31st Dec 2017From Salwa to Vicky.
31st Dec 2017From Abdalla to Gill and Dave
31st Dec 2017From Baraka to Fryer family.
31st Dec 2017From Kabibi to Fryer family.
31st Dec 2017From Magda to Fryer family.
31st Dec 2017From Timothy to The Heggs family.
30th Dec 2017From Esther to the Heggs family.
30th Dec 2017From Teresia to Alan and Linda Frost.
30th Dec 2017From Gibson to Paula.
30th Dec 2017From Happy to Paula.
30th Dec 2017From Albert to Lorraine.
30th Dec 2017From Hamisi to Shirley.
30th Dec 2017From Mary Magdaline to Shirley.
30th Dec 2017Christmas thanks from Mtwapa to all the donators in England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17th Nov 2017Vidzo
17th Nov 2017Mayee
17th Nov 2017Mtwapa Academy school-new school kitchen building project work.
19th Oct 2017Loice speaking on her secondary school life as she prepares to sit for her final exam!!!!!!!!!!
10th Oct 2017Albert
23rd Sep 2017Ibrahim
20th Sep 2017Mapenzi
15th Sep 2017Mary
14th Sep 2017Ben
6th Sep 2017Thank you Gail and Sara, Thank you Lancaster school (England) with love from Mtwapa Academy(Kenya).
6th Sep 2017Jambo! Lancaster school from Kenya-Mtwapa,
29th Aug 2017Teresia
8th Jul 2017Happy-secondary school, form 1
10th Jun 2017Mayee
2nd Jun 2017Loice
12th Apr 2017Zawadi's new born baby!!!!!!!
12th Apr 2017Mapenzi
18th Mar 2017Justin
18th Mar 2017Pendo
6th Mar 2017Alfred
15th Feb 2017Esther
30th Jan 2017Asma secondary school admission-form 1
28th Dec 2016From Abdalla and Haoisi to Clive Kidd!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From hamisi and Abdalla to Gill and Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Abdalla and Hamisi to Shirley!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From the Benson's family to Lynne!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From the Benson's family to Sara!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From the Benson's family to Steve and Karen Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From the Benson's family to Val!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Vidzo to Shirley!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Alfred to Gerald!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Magdaline to Gail!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Albert to Lorraine!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Salwa to Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Mary junior to Eve!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Ibrahim to Steve and Karen Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Happy to Paula!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Teresia to Alan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Mapenzi to Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Ben to Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Mayee to Vicky!!!!!!!!!1
28th Dec 2016From Esther to Mike Wann!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Esther to John Heggs!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2016From Gibson to Paula.
28th Dec 2016Merry Christmas and thank you from Mtwapa-Kenya.
22nd Dec 2016Merry Christmas to all of our sponsors and friends from Asma on behalf of all the program kids-Kenya
20th Dec 2016Mtomondoni sponsorship program kids updates-additional information on kds home/family status
11th Dec 2016Mtomondoni Sponsorship Program-Kids education updates.
4th Dec 2016Alfred tops in KCPE results!!!!!!!!!!
4th Dec 2016Samson's wedding pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3rd Nov 2016From boys to men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Samson speaks two days before his wedding!!!!!!!!!
4th Oct 2016Mtomondoni mourns as Teresia's mother passes on.
2nd Sep 2016Alfred
2nd Sep 2016Happy
2nd Sep 2016Asma
2nd Sep 2016Mtomondoni Sponsorship program kid STD 8 kids at Mtwapa Academy.
27th Jul 2016Hamisi.
17th Jun 2016Albert
19th May 2016From Mapenzi to Brockingtom College.
19th May 2016From Teresia's family to Alan Frost.
19th May 2016From Hamisi and Abdalla to Gail and Sara.
19th May 2016From Esther's family(Kenya) to Mike Wann-England
13th Apr 2016Ibrahim Omar.
19th Mar 2016Shila
19th Mar 2016Lukman
19th Mar 2016Mapenzi
19th Mar 20162015 Secondary school final exam results.
11th Mar 2016Pendo
11th Mar 2016Zawadi
11th Mar 2016Wycliffe
11th Mar 2016Secondary school and polytecnic kids 2016
30th Jan 2016Shila
30th Jan 2016Sponsored kids at Mwapa Academy receive new uniform!!!!!!!!
23rd Jan 2016Mtomondoni Sponsorship program kids top in national 2015 KCPE exam at Mtwapa Academy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23rd Jan 2016Mtomondoni sponsorship program book loan @ Mtwapa Academy!!!!!
17th Jan 2016Thank you to Brockington College-England from Mapenzi-Kenya!!!!!!!
2nd Jan 2016Where are they now? Ten years of the programme
29th Dec 2015Happy.
29th Dec 2015Ben to Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Magdaline to Gail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Esther mum to Stephen Moir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Teresia to Alan and Linda Frost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Baby Gail to Gail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Salwa to Vicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Samuel to Lynne Wann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Hamisi to Gill and Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Happy to Vicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Abdalla to Clive Kidd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Mary Junior to Vicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Justin to Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Abdalla to Shirley Hammonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Happy to Paula Burton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Gibson to Paula Burton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Wycliff to Val Murphy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Alfred to Gerald Trevor
29th Dec 2015Albert to Mike Wann!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Ibrahim to Steve and Karen Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Dec 2015Pendo to Steve and Karen Taylor.
29th Dec 2015From Pendo to Lynne Wann.
29th Dec 2015Thank you to all and Happy New Year 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21st Dec 2015Christmas message to Wolvey Church-England from Ibrahim omar-Kenya.
13th Dec 2015Mtwapa Unwrapped Christmas Gifts
20th Nov 2015Teresia new born baby message to Allan and Linda Frost!!!!!!!.
1st Nov 2015Mtwapa Academy STD 8 candidates prayer day.
29th Oct 2015Internet@ Mtwapa Academy................Thank you!!!!!
21st Sep 2015University admission for Grace.
24th Jul 2015Mtwapa Academy (Kenya-Africa)-Sketchley Hill Primary school (England) story project link.
21st Jul 2015Mtwapa Academy school-new additional computers!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
5th Jul 2015Messages of condolence to Gail's family(England) from Mtwapa-Kenya(Africa).
5th Jul 2015Rahab-School director Mtwapa Academy.
5th Jul 2015Amina
5th Jul 2015Mayee
5th Jul 2015Amina
5th Jul 2015Abdalla
5th Jul 2015Vidzo
5th Jul 2015Mr.Benson
5th Jul 2015Ben Kilonzo
5th Jul 2015Mapenzi
5th Jul 2015Kahindi
5th Jul 2015Teresia
5th Jul 2015Magdaline
5th Jul 2015Baraka
5th Jul 2015Wycliff
5th Jul 2015Ibrahim
5th Jul 2015Happy
5th Jul 2015Pendo
5th Jul 2015Asma
5th Jul 2015Zawadi
5th Jul 2015Khamisi
5th Jul 2015Diego
5th Jul 2015Joseph
5th Jul 2015Mary junior
5th Jul 2015Lukeman
5th Jul 2015William
5th Jul 2015Zena
5th Jul 2015Justin
4th Jul 2015Mapenzi
4th Jun 2015Pendo
4th Jun 2015Wycliff
4th Jun 2015Ibrahim
4th Jun 2015William
4th Jun 2015Albert
3rd Jun 2015School Computer donation to Mtwapa Academy(Kenya-Africa)-Thank you Gerald and Rose!!!!!!!!!
18th Apr 2015Zena tailoring business.
6th Apr 2015Abdalla.
6th Apr 2015Zawadi.
28th Feb 2015Uniform issue for sponsored kids at Mtwapa Academy-2015!!!!!!!!!!!!
21st Feb 2015Teresia-the beauty therapist and hair dresser!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9th Feb 2015From Mayee to Laura Fryer.
9th Feb 2015From Mary Junior to Mark Boast.
8th Feb 2015From Zawadi to Mike Wann.
8th Feb 2015From Mayee to Linda Barratt,
8th Feb 2015From the Michael's family to Shirley.
8th Feb 2015From the Michael's family to Linda Barrat.
8th Feb 2015From the Michael's family to Mark Boast.
8th Feb 2015From Mary Junior to Vicki,
8th Feb 2015From Magdaline to Gail.
8th Feb 2015From Magdaline to Laura Fryer.
8th Feb 2015From Teresia to Alan and Linda Frost.
8th Feb 2015From Grace to Laura Fryer.
8th Feb 2015From Grace to Clarkes Shoe Shop.
8th Feb 2015From Shadrack to Clarkes Shoe Shop.
8th Feb 2015From Shadrack to Laura Fryer.
8th Feb 2015From Esther to Jane and John Heggs
8th Feb 2015From Esther to Stephen Moir.
8th Feb 2015From Gibson to Paula Burton.
8th Feb 2015From Happy to Linda Barratt.
8th Feb 2015From Happy to Paula Burton.
8th Feb 2015From Happy to Vicki.
8th Feb 2015From Ben Kilonzo to Laura Fryer.
8th Feb 2015From Ben Kilonzo to Sara.
8th Feb 2015From Baraka Omar to Sara.
8th Feb 2015From jacinta(((Francis' mum) to Eve.
8th Feb 2015From Mapenzi to Mike Wann.
8th Feb 2015From Salwa to Vicki.
8th Feb 2015From Sheila to Brenda Stafford.
8th Feb 2015From Sheila to Alison Chapman.
8th Feb 2015From Albert to Mike Wann.
8th Feb 2015From Albert to Vicki.
8th Feb 2015From Asma to Laura Fryer.
8th Feb 2015From Asma to Peta Carlino.
8th Feb 2015From Ibrahim to Laura Fryer.
8th Feb 2015From Ibrahim Omar to Karen and Steve Taylor.
8th Feb 2015From Alfred Mugambi to Gerald Trevor.
8th Feb 2015From Amina, baby Gail and Lukeman to Gail.
8th Feb 2015Happy New Year to all the Christmas gifts donators and THANK YOU from Mtwapa-Kenya!!!!
18th Jan 2015STD 8 2014 kids-KCPE results released.
18th Jan 2015Esther
26th Dec 2014Christmas gifts 2014 from England to Africa families!!!!!!!!!Thank you to you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4th Nov 2014Mtwapa Academy-STD 8 prayer day.
16th Oct 2014Albert.
16th Oct 2014William Benson
16th Oct 2014Ibrahim
16th Oct 2014Pendo Benson.
16th Oct 2014Wycliff Benson
25th Jul 2014New Sagail school(Kenya-Africa) completed!!!!!!!! Thankyou Brockington College-England!!!!!!!!!!
24th Jul 2014Mtwapa Academy school(Kenya-Africa) well project completed-Thankyou John Cleveland College-England!!
6th Jul 2014Gibson.
6th Jul 2014Baby Gail
6th Jul 2014Moses.
7th Jun 2014Abdalla.
7th Jun 2014Salwa.
7th Jun 2014Zawadi.
7th Jun 2014STD 8 sponsored kids-2014.
3rd Apr 2014Samuel.
3rd Apr 2014Justin.
3rd Apr 2014Kahindi.
3rd Apr 2014Hamisi.
3rd Apr 2014Secondary school-form 1 Kids(2014).
15th Mar 2014World's Big Commonwealth Assembly.
4th Feb 2014All sponsored kids at Mtwapa Academy receive their new uniform-2014!!!!!
23rd Jan 2014Mtwapa Academy merges with Mtwapa Creek Junior School.
23rd Jan 2014Thankyou Sara and Gail for the books!!!!!!!!Mtwapa Academy kids speak.
23rd Jan 2014Mtomondoni Sponsorship program extends its helping hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23rd Jan 2014From William to Luciano Sepedee.
23rd Jan 2014From Albert to Mike Wann.
23rd Jan 2014From Ibrahim to Steve and Karen Taylor.
23rd Jan 2014Thankyou to New Sponsors from Moses, Ibrahim, William and Albert.
23rd Jan 2014. Kids Christmas greeting cards, letters and parcels from sponsors.
31st Dec 2013Happy New Year 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!
30th Dec 2013More Christmas photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Dec 2013Thankyou to all donators and Merry Christmas too from Mtwapa-Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23rd Nov 2013Gibson-thankyou for the medical support.
23rd Nov 2013Zeina.
23rd Nov 2013Thankyou and Christmas greetings from the sponsorship coordinator-Africa.
20th Nov 2013Mtwapa Unwrapped 2013
22nd Oct 2013Hi! from Mtwapa-Kenya.
22nd Oct 2013Justin.
22nd Oct 2013Loice.
22nd Oct 2013Samuel Benson.
22nd Oct 2013Kahindi.
22nd Oct 2013Esther.
22nd Oct 2013Hamisi.
27th Sep 2013Esther
26th Aug 2013Hi! Brockington College.
26th Aug 2013Hello and Thankyou to Ashby Lions from Mtwapa Kenya!!!!!!!!!
25th Aug 2013Hi! to Everyone from Joseph and Timothy.
28th Jul 2013Long live thy partnerships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Jul 2013From Mtwapa Academy with thanks to all England friend schools!!!!!!!!!!
28th Jul 2013From Pendo Benson to Steve and Karen Taylor.
28th Jul 2013From Samuel Mbugua to Steve and Karen Taylor.
28th Jul 2013From Diego to Gill Ward.
28th Jul 2013From Zena to Gill Ward.
28th Jul 2013From Denis to Teresa.
28th Jul 2013From Juliet to Gerald Trevor.
28th Jul 2013From Douglas to Gerald Trevor.
28th Jul 2013For Gerald Trevor.
28th Jul 2013From Alfred to Gerald Trevor.
28th Jul 2013From Wyciff to Val Murphy.
22nd Jun 2013Esther's special report on her final exam.
22nd Jun 2013Esther.
22nd Jun 2013Samuel Benson.
22nd Jun 2013Baby Gail.
22nd Jun 2013Joseph.
5th May 2013Mapenzi
5th May 2013Shila
5th May 2013Timothy
3rd May 2013Francis
3rd May 2013Cherryl
3rd May 2013Shila
3rd May 2013Mapenzi
3rd May 2013Asma
23rd Apr 2013Teresia.
23rd Apr 2013Samson
23rd Apr 2013Vidzo
23rd Apr 2013Ben Kilonzo
22nd Apr 2013Baraka Omar speaks
29th Mar 2013Girls sanitary care project launched.
29th Mar 2013Mary (junior)
21st Mar 2013Baraka Omar-first day in secondary school!!!!!!!!!!
26th Feb 2013A special day out at the beach
25th Feb 2013Visiting the secondary school students and class position of our Mtwapa Academy students (see video)
24th Feb 2013Introducing Mary Mkauma... junior!
23rd Feb 2013Sponsored kids uniform issue-2013
22nd Feb 2013Re-opening of Mtwapa Academy school by Sara and Gail-(Africa visit- February 2013)
11th Feb 2013A very strong, new look, Mtwapa Academy. Asante Sana x
19th Jan 2013Happy New Year and thankyou for the rebuiding.
24th Dec 2012Thankyou to all and Merry Christmas from Africa!!!!!!!
22nd Dec 2012Some pictures to update you all about the building
8th Dec 2012An update from Moses
8th Dec 2012An update from Mtwapa
18th Nov 2012Mtwapa Xmas Unwrapped 2012
17th Nov 2012Lukeman.
17th Nov 2012Hi! from Mtwapa-Kenya.
5th Nov 2012Progress report
26th Oct 2012Demolition is underway
25th Oct 2012Mtwapa Demolition!! We need your help!!
16th Oct 2012Gibson's family.
16th Oct 2012Hi! from Mtwapa-Kenya.
3rd Oct 2012Hamisi and Abdallah
10th Aug 2012Ibrahim's family
9th Aug 2012Coming to the village
8th Aug 2012Hi Moses
20th Jun 2012The Benson's family-part 2
20th Jun 2012The Benson's family-part 1
20th Jun 2012'Jambo' from Africa!!!!!!!
29th May 2012Hamisi and Abdalla's family(continue)
29th May 2012Hamisi and Abdalla's family.
28th May 2012Greetings from Kenya.
16th Apr 2012Mtomondoni Sponsorship Program-UK partner school at the Mtwapa Academy cultural day.
7th Mar 2012Thankyou, thankyou and thankyou-sponsored kids receive parcels, letters and greeting cards .
7th Mar 2012Same program, same school and same home!!!
7th Mar 2012Zeina.
7th Mar 2012Jambo! from Mtwapa, Kenya.
26th Jan 2012All sponsored kids at Mtwapa Academy in their uniform.
31st Dec 2011Alfred.
31st Dec 2011Cherryl
31st Dec 2011Asma
31st Dec 2011Shila.
31st Dec 2011Ben Kilonzo
31st Dec 2011Gibson.
31st Dec 2011Mayee.
31st Dec 2011Hamisi and Abdalla.
31st Dec 2011Grace.
31st Dec 2011Getrude.
31st Dec 2011Shadrack.
31st Dec 2011Mapenzi.
31st Dec 2011Albert.
31st Dec 2011Salwa.
31st Dec 2011Happy.
31st Dec 2011Esther.
31st Dec 2011Teresia.
31st Dec 2011Mary and Magdaline.
31st Dec 2011Michael's family.
31st Dec 2011Lukeman.
31st Dec 2011New Light Children's home.
31st Dec 2011Zawadi.
31st Dec 2011Benson's family.
25th Dec 2011Christmas pictures 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13th Nov 2011Mtwapa Xmas Unwrapped
11th Nov 2011Ibrahim to Ayub.
11th Nov 2011Samuel Benson to Fabio.
11th Nov 2011Wycliff to Steph.
11th Nov 2011Pendo to Megan.
11th Nov 2011William to Eve.
11th Nov 2011Abdalla to Jade.
11th Nov 2011Kids finish up their KCPE exam.
25th Oct 2011Justine to Chelsea.
25th Oct 2011Khamisi to Tendai.
25th Oct 2011Kahindi to Vishnu.
25th Oct 2011Albert to Tom
24th Oct 2011Salwa to Wayne.
24th Oct 2011Zawadi to Sumaya
24th Oct 2011New classrooms, work on progress and KCPE date.
15th Oct 2011Rahab(Mtwapa Academy school director) speaks on Babington linkage.
14th Oct 2011Alfred(Mtwapa Academy) to Adam(Babington college)
14th Oct 2011Happy(Mtwapa Academy) to Kim(Babington College)
14th Oct 2011Asma(Mtwapa Academy) to Eve(Babington college)
4th Oct 2011Messages from Cheryle, Lukeman, Zena, Samuel,
14th Aug 2011Wood carving by Hamisis and Abdallah's Uncle
13th Aug 2011Promoting Future
6th Jul 2011Abdalla
6th Jul 2011Loice.
20th Jun 2011Sponsors Gifts
17th Jun 2011Zawadi
17th Jun 2011Hi! from Kenya.
10th Jun 2011A Massive Thank You!
27th May 2011Denis
27th May 2011Hi!from Moses.
27th May 2011Baraka.
5th May 2011Hypnosis night fundraising event - 19th May
4th May 2011The 1000 mile walk has started!!
1st Apr 2011Kabibi-new secondary school kid.
27th Mar 20111000 mile walk in a month.... yes we must be crazy!!!
26th Mar 2011Secondary School sponsorphip money
22nd Mar 2011Rama And Diego
17th Mar 2011Zena and Samuel uniform
8th Mar 2011Chritmas shopping
7th Mar 2011Uniform
7th Mar 2011Hi from Moses
4th Jan 2011Letters collected
1st Jan 2011Xmas unwrapped presents delivered
20th Dec 2010End of the school year in Mtwapa - Closing Day December 2010
16th Dec 2010Christmas unwrapped orders 2010
17th Nov 2010Mtwapa Xmas Unwrapped 2010
4th Nov 2010Babington Community Technology College students working hard for their trip of a lifetime
3rd Nov 2010Interview with Principal
3rd Nov 2010Important events
15th Oct 2010An Update on Albert
14th Oct 2010Standard 8 students - the big exams!!!
6th Oct 2010An update on Ibrahim
25th Sep 2010Recent pictures of the Standard 8 sponsored children
18th Sep 2010Letters on the way
17th Sep 2010An update on Asma
10th Sep 2010Jambo and Thanks
1st Sep 2010An update on Happy Menza
31st Aug 2010Kids monthly meeting
13th Aug 2010An update on Getrude
12th Aug 2010An update on Magdaline
5th Aug 2010Teresia
31st Jul 2010Hi from Mtwapa
1st Jul 2010An update on Shila
24th Jun 2010An update on Esther
17th Jun 2010The day of the African child
4th Jun 2010An update on Gibson
4th Jun 2010Letters collection
2nd Jun 2010Letters collected
7th Apr 2010School report from standard 8 students
10th Jan 2010School re-opens - an update from Moses
26th Dec 2009Photos of the Christmas gifts
25th Dec 2009The pressies have been given out - Thank-you
3rd Dec 2009Standard 8 students talk about their exams
26th Oct 2009Christmas Unwrapped in Mtwapa
25th Oct 2009An update from Moses
22nd Oct 2009An update from our Sponsorship co-ordinator
21st Oct 2009Secondary students updates
1st Aug 2009No Title
1st Aug 2009Diary entry 2 from Moses (Sponsorship co-ordinator)
12th Jun 2009We need your support!!
11th May 2009Diary entry from Moses (1)
10th May 2009Getting to know the children and their homes
29th Jan 2009Messages from Kenya
25th Dec 2008And a great Christmas was had by all... Asante Sana
20th Nov 2008Mtomondoni Christmas Project
19th Nov 2008Christmas Projects 2008
1st Jul 2008The kenyans are here and having a great time!!
13th Jun 2008We have a bit of a problem... can anyone help????
14th May 2008Sponsors invitation to meet the kids!!
23rd Apr 2008The Trip is Booked!!
22nd Apr 2008The Xmas Treats!!
20th Jan 2008Some more great pics from the kids in Mtwapa!
15th Jan 2008News from Mtwapa and Thank-you Val
7th Jan 2008Everyones ok
2nd Jan 2008No news is good news!
28th Dec 2007Mambo!, 'habari ya Christmas'?
16th Dec 2007A big Christmas in Mtwapa
9th Dec 2007Welcome our two new recruits - Sheila & Albert
26th Aug 2007Introducing Mapenzi - our new recruit.
25th Aug 2007Photographs from our most recent visit July 2007
24th Aug 2007Meet the sponsored children
19th Aug 2007Justin and Wycliffe's wall!!

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