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Export to China, Mianyang
75 Diary Entries
27th Aug 2016Shanghai (and Suzhou) visit part 2
25th Aug 2016Shanghai visit part 1
3rd Apr 2016Decoding English and Chinese literature
9th Mar 2016Flexible birthdays and other Chinese flexibility
24th Feb 2016Langzhong - old vinegar town
20th Feb 2016Chinese New Year and Spring Festival
22nd Jan 2016Following the Dao up Qingcheng Shan
9th Dec 2015Plato, Caesar, Politics and the Moon
28th Nov 2015Orange man, rich man, poor man, good guys or not so good
25th Oct 2015Campus life: cultural and business exchanges
3rd Sep 2015Deja vu start to the new term
24th May 2015Ultimate Frisbee at Tianfu College
9th Mar 2015Cycling to have a little less fat
28th Jan 2015On the tourist trail - Dali to Kunming to Yangshuo in Guangxi
24th Jan 2015Winter holiday in Yunnan - Lijiang and Tiger Leaping Gorge
22nd Nov 2014Christmas Bonkers
10th Nov 2014Tianfu Campus Art
10th Sep 2014Pomelo and Praying Mantis season
22nd Aug 2014Tour of China (comes to Hanzhong)
17th Jul 2014There and back again
7th Jul 2014Two weddings and a departure
12th Jun 2014Tianfu Idol and the World Cup in China
9th Jun 2014Health checks and final endings
1st Jun 2014Dragon Boat Racing 1st June 2014
29th Apr 2014Chongqing – Mountain City, Fog City, Hot Pot and Go-Karting
27th Apr 2014Another trip to Chengdu and Dujiangyan doyouknow
19th Apr 2014Flying mushrooms and Captain America
12th Apr 2014Healthy eating and exercise standards
1st Apr 2014The NB Kite Runner
2nd Mar 2014Language and culture
20th Feb 2014Yi, er, san, si
6th Jan 2014Exams - I need another coffee
28th Dec 2013Wolong Cave, Sanxingdui, Emei Shan, Dafo
21st Dec 2013Christmas classes and Dongzhi dumplings
23rd Nov 2013A hornet tale
28th Oct 2013A lot like boarding school
14th Oct 2013Tennis and beautiful women
28th Sep 2013Li Bai and heading in all directions
9th Sep 2013A stroll around Mianyang
2nd Sep 2013286 new names and no Smart
25th Aug 2013Bye bye Hanzhong, arrival in Tianfu!
14th Aug 2013A long way for a little paperwork. I dream of Cornish pasties
7th Aug 2013Make friends you can trust
1st Aug 2013Good to go: New Passport, Foreign Experts Certificate, Health Examination Certificate
22nd Jul 2013Today started with a jolt
2nd Jul 2013Never mind floods and earthquakes; the food's great
10th Jun 2013Dragon Boat Festival, ping pong and speech contests
1st May 2013Helter skelter, dodgems and the end of the football season
20th Apr 2013A tremor, Hua Shan, Luoyang
16th Apr 2013Fountain displays and a wedding reception
19th Mar 2013Rites of spring and a long past
4th Mar 2013On the tourist trail - Terracotta Army and Goose Pagodas
14th Feb 2013Liu Bang and Liu Bei and Journey to the West
7th Feb 2013Snow in Hanzhong, New Year in Chengdu
4th Feb 2013Gangnam Style
24th Dec 2012Tidings of comfort and joy
12th Dec 2012Food and exercise
27th Nov 2012Eating beefa and tigers
13th Nov 2012Apartment blocks and neighbours
7th Nov 2012Halloween and Guy Fawkes
28th Oct 2012Pistachios and pinyin
15th Oct 2012Haircuts and team bonding
2nd Oct 2012Nanjing history and hurrying
1st Oct 2012Up and about in Nanjing
30th Sep 2012Train to the seaside
24th Sep 2012Woman on the moon
12th Sep 2012My place
10th Sep 2012Lively students and curious names
6th Sep 2012The way to buy a Rolex
3rd Sep 2012Passing the medical
31st Aug 2012Trouble with noodles and money
30th Aug 2012Smartphones and spice
29th Aug 2012Locked in and learning numbers
29th Aug 2012Arrival in China
28th Aug 2012How did I get here?

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