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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 6th Jun 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 51-To Las Vegas

Really windy last night, had to close the slides so the awnings wouldn’t rip. Died down to a breeze by the time we left, nice day, sunny about 80. Very quiet and peaceful here today, nobody on the water.
Very uneventful travel day, short too. We left about 10 and got to the campground at 12:30, but we gained an hour traveling back into Pacific Time in Nevada. Thought we’d be going through all desert but we went through huge mountain passes for a short time when we went into Arizona again and then, bam! Nothing but flat desert into Las Vegas.
Campground is right in back of Circus Circus on the Strip. After we set up we did some errands. Called a Ford dealer for service, the truck still shutters when it backs up. Bringing it in tomorrow early. Found a Best Buy and returned the new camera which never worked right. We got a new camera but the 3-yr. service contract we bought for it in Spokane is not valid anymore (after 3 weeks) because they say they fulfilled it by giving us a new one instead of sending it out for service for maybe 2-3 weeks. I can’t wait to call corporate tomorrow.
Walked over to the strip from the campground and had dinner at Circus Circus and watched some circus acts….they have a different act every 30 minutes in the midway and all the ones we saw were great, we kept coming back to see more.. Place is huge, easy to get lost in. We plunked down a few bets but we’re not gamblers. I was surprised that you can still smoke in just about every place except restaurants, but they must have a really good exhaust system because there wasn’t a great smoke haze throughout.
Walked a bit down the strip (it’s a 4-mile stretch) but then decided to come back and get the car and drive, glad we did. We drove up the strip and then back down again and OH MY, WHAT SIGHTS WE SAW! The hotels and casinos are amazing, the lights, the sounds, the enormity of it all. Caesar’s Palace goes on for blocks, New York New York has bridges made of lights, the Statue of Liberty, the skyline, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Bellagio has the fountains, each one more fascinating than the last. I can’t describe it all. And the people, hordes of people walking, some taking the outdoor escalators, mobs of people. The traffic is stop and go but that’s good because we get to see more that way. Very surprised at the amount of people on a Monday night.
Very hot during the day, around 97 but as soon as the blazing sun goes down it cools off and gets really nice.

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