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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 11th Jun 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 56-Leaving Las Vegas

Drove 312 miles in 7 hours. Sunny, hot again but cooler as we got nearer Sedona, AZ. Started out at 92 degrees in Las Vegas at 9AM and was 87 in Sedona at 5PM.
We went through desert, mountains, rocks, desert, mountains, rocks, repeat, repeat, repeat.
Saw lots of signs along the way:
Watch Out For Sheep
Watch Out For Elk
Watch Out For Ice
Watch Out For Trucks
Watch Out For Deer
Watch Out For Rocks
Steep Grade Ahead
Check Brakes
Runaway Truck Ramp Ahead
Elk Country, Stay Alert
I got really tired of watching out for things. We were on part of Historic Route 66 for a while, maybe we’ll do more of that later. Took longer to get here because the GPS had us going all sorts of screwy ways. Mapquest took us one way, the GPS went another way and the people at the resort told us a third way. We ended up going through little towns with roundabouts (we must have gone through 6 roundabouts) and finally found the resort after going up and down Thunder Mountain Rd. at 15 MPH for about 5 miles and ending up on the road we started on (courtesy of the GPS). Beautiful red rocks again with names like Coffeepot, Bell Mountain, Chimney Rock and Snoopy’s Rock. Had to leave the RV on the side of the road (had to wait for somebody to move their car first) then unpacked the clothes, fridge and moved it to the condo. What a process! Finally got settled about 8PM and went to dinner at Angel’s Mexican. We seem to be hooked on Mexican food since San Antonio. Angel himself (a young boy whose mom owns the place) gave us a quick rundown on Mexican food and the difference between red sauce and green sauce. Every time we eat Mexican we learn a little bit more about it. Anyway, it was really good. Got back and relaxed outside for a while, great stars here. Finally finished off Harry’s birthday cake. The condo is nice, we have a king size bed, big living room, kitchen, dining area, back porch, big bathroom, 2 flat panel TVs and everything we could ask for. It looks like an adobe built into the hillside, lots of sandstone here, too. On the first floor so it’s easy to bring stuff in and out. Sedona supposedly has more vortexes than anywhere else on earth so there’s lots of energy here. Maybe we’ll get revitalized. Very comfortable place.

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