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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 14th Jun 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 59-Down Time

Downtime today. Stayed in the resort all morning and did laundry, set up a train ride to Verde Canyon on Friday through the concierge, checked out the RV and made sure everything was OK inside (it’s still parked on the side of the road but right in front of the check-in office). After lunch went into town and we both got a mani/pedi (first time for Harry) and Harry got a hair cut. After the hair cut I got in Spokane I probably won’t need one for months. Checked out some of town, there’s a Beall’s here and it’s got everything the ones in Florida do except for the Floridian stuff.
Beautiful day again, 91, sunny, dry and once the sun goes down it gets really nice, warm and comfortable, in the 70’s. Beautiful clear, dark blue skies at night, full moon tonight so it’s hard to see the stars, but the moon makes up for it. I can see why people come here and even decide to live here, but we need to be closer to water. Just heard Las Vegas if 107 today and Phoenix (2 hrs. south of us) is 108-YIKES!!! Lots of resorts and condos, time-shares, etc. here, very nice and they’re all a bit different. Some have cabins, some are really upscale. They all seem to have something constantly going on in the lobby. Ours has a “moving gently” class every morning (at 7AM, I’ll never attend that), a woman who brings in “creatures” (spiders, snakes, etc.) and talks about them, a class on vortices and spiritual healing, Cowboy Bob who gives a comedy spiel about life on a ranch, Indian musicians and a Native American jewelry and pottery sale. Tomorrow there’s a barbeque happening in the lobby. In the morning they call and leave a message telling you what’s going on.
Went to dinner at Dahl and DiLuca tonight, a really elegant Italian restaurant. Met the owner/chef, Lisa Dahl, originally from Indiana, a really nice lady with a great sense of humor. Best! Tiramisu!Ever!

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