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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 18th Jun 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 63-On the Road Again!

Drove 267 miles in 7-1/2 hours. Lost an hour when we crossed into New Mexico and went from AZ time to Mountain Time.
After stopping at the local supermarket to stock up on food we left the red rocks behind for the flat desert again going on I-40 east, part of the way the Historic Route 66, where we stopped in Holbrook for lunch in the trailer. Drove through Winslow, AZ (did not stand on a corner, but we’re such a fine sight to see). We then went to the Petrified Forest National Park which goes through the Painted Desert. The petrified forest isn’t really a forest but petrified stumps on the ground from pre-historic times. The Painted Desert is beautiful, very different from the desert we’ve seen before, although I think this desert is more desolate than any we’ve been in yet. It truly is in the middle of nowhere. Very hot, 94, and windy here too, I think that’s why there’s so many fires out this way, the big one is about 100 miles south of us. The 28 mile road that goes through the desert and the forest brought us right back on I-40 and from there we stopped at a Navajo gift shop and talked to the owner for a bit. I-40 goes right through Navajo Territory (Apache Terr. too but we didn’t stop there).
The campground is in Gallup, NM, a USA RV Park, used to be a KOA, right off I-40. Very patriotic, the pool has a flag the length of the pool on the bottom and USA stuff all over, got a discount ‘cause Harry’s a vet. They have a country western singer from Tombstone here every night and he’s pretty good, nice deep voice. They had a BBQ dinner special but we’ve been eating out so much I actually wanted to cook tonight but we did go to the ice cream social later and listened to the music. Started to play a game of chess (they have a chess board near the pool that has chessmen about 2-ft tall) but gave up after a while. Came back to the RV and here I sit writing. Gonna beat Harry’s you-know-what at Rummikubs in a few minutes. Only staying here tonight then moving on toward Colorado although we probably have one more stop first.

It feels great to be in the RV again, like we're in our second home.

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