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Dora The Explorer
3rd Nov 2006
Thank god for the Hyatt

So picking up from where we left off- Before leaving KL and its plethora of insects and bugs we visited the famous Batu Caves on the outskirts of KL in the region of Batu. These caves are used by Hindu's worldwide who take the famous pilgrimage up to the various temples within them to pray for good and the removal of evil. (which later discovered takes the form of bed bugs). reincarnation?

Upon descent up the steps Yvette had on her wrist a 'watsons' (local brand of chemists) bag containing sanitary towels... we were not fore-warned of the brazen monekys patrolling the caves. One cheeky one obviously thought he was after some brunch and proceeded to pull the bag from her hands. He ripped them open as per the picture and threw them away in disgust when he saw what they were! I did try and rescue these back but he charged at me and tried to bite me... I havent had my rabies shot so I legged it up the stairs a quickly as I could.

It was during this night that both of us covered up like the Taliban to go to sleep ( re previous mozzie dealings) and left not an ounce of spare flesh available. Deet spray and jungle fever lay like a mist in our room. It wasnt until the next day at the airport that we both started coming up in huge red spots all over our body...very itchy and embarrasing. After some internet searching have found these to be bed bugs- now I have an explanation as to why there were cellophaned mattresses in the hostel.

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Diary Photos

Batu Temple

Batu Temple

Glorious Colours

Cheeky Monkey

This is obviously the best god to worship of all

Ooutside our hotel- the fishing boats at sunset.

I am not getting in that one

Good scuba here

The Banana Leaf Curry Club Members

Nuff said.

Prawn Sambala

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park -Palau Manukan

Palau Manukan

Palau Manukan

Palau Manukan

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