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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 25th Jun 2012
Monday 25 June 2012

Monday 25th June 2012.

Well it,s the third day on the boat am laying up here in the cockpit, being tossed from side to side, it's such a rough anchorage, we are hoping if the weather is right we can move to the other side of the island tomorrow. We had our first experience getting groceries today, what a drama just getting into the dingy was rough with waves crashing all over the place.
We got into the dingy and realized it had so much water in it that the fuel tank had tipped over and the whole thing was just a slimy mess, was not so happy about this as I  had just had a shower and clean up, all day I had been going through the boat and working out all the food they had on board to what we need, does anyone really want 12 cans of beans?
So anyway getting back to the yuck dingy we wanted to get to the nearby beach and drag the boat up there and go shopping and get fuel, easy right? NO....
We surfed in on waves to the beach kinda fell out and then could not drag it up, so Vic decides that the jetty near by would be a better option.
Off he goes tries to jump in and lands back in the water almost neck deep, if I wasn't so wet myself I would of laughed but thought best not too as he was not a happy camper.
So finally too very tired and wet cruisers went in search of a supermarket and petrol station.
After what felt like hours in this hot weather but was only minutes we found both, got what we needed than the long hall back with a Jerry can and 3 large bags of groceries, only to find the dingy full of water again, so Vic jumps in runs it around the ocean a bit to get rid of the water than back to pick me up with all the stuff.
Now this in itself was a challenge with surging waves me throwing bags and Jerry can to him and then I had to judge the waves to get back in.
I might add this was all watched by people enjoying a fine meal at the restaurant that we were tied up too, I think they may just have been enjoying our antics more than there meals,
So back to the boat me hanging over the edge to wrap the rope around the boat as we got closer got the rope hooked climbed up and then holding the rope with my food while Vic passed all the bags to me.
About three hours later we had it all done, man who said the cruisers life is easy.
Well tomorrow is another day.

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