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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 11th Jul 2012
Wednesday 11july 2012

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Did I say yesterday was today was worse, we are both feeling the heat real bad, it really wipes u out, I have never drank so much water and sweat so much in my life. Will be glad to be moving on.
Well the circus began real early today two huge cruise ships came in before five this morning, the island turns on the side show for them all.
It's so funny and sad too to see what they do. People come here for a look at a tropical island, it's like cattle herding they get them from the ships in little ferry's that go back and forth all day, bring them to shore and they go here and there doing all the touristy things they have planned for them, the sad thing is they see the fake island like a big theme park not the real island that changes when the ships pull away.
In all fairness I guess they have a good time spend a fortune and go back not knowing any different.

Well dramas or the day....I did a big wash today which resulted in running out of water, another lesson, tell captain when ur gonna do a big wash so he can make sure the tanks are full.
While I'm washing the captains tries to see if he can work out the Davits on the back of the boat to pull the dingy up.
They told us u just hook the ropes to the dingy and winch it up yeah right.
It does not go well the captain nearly kills himself trying to climb up the back of the boat and is muttering about how many things can go wrong before u are allowed to kill such person who sold us the boat.
Me quick exit back to washing, it's safer on my side of the boat, he may just want to practice on me....hahaha
But the sun goes down every night and a few cocktails later enjoyed on the deck, and life feels good again.
Oh and I managed to sleep till about 3.30am in the cabin last night.
Well tomorrow is another day.

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