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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
11th Jul 2012 - Summer 2012
Day 23-To Glacier National Park

Day 23-July 11, 2012-To Glacier National Park-The Boring Half
Never got any more rain last night but we did find a mother cat and 4 kittens in the back of the campground near the river. We watched them play for a while but when we got too close they ran into the woods and just watched us.
Drove 324 miles in 8 hours today through more of northern Montana on Route 2, coming as close as 20 miles to Alberta, Canada. Still hot, reached 94 again today but it’s cooler at night. The Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad is constantly on our right side and is a very active railroad. Very sparse out here, a town maybe every 60 miles and then only a gas station, casino, auto repair shop and a few other businesses. Usually a big granary, lots of wheat here. Drove through about three different Indian reservations, the Black Feet the most prominent here. Very impoverished towns. Found a Super Wal-Mart in Havre and stocked up on food. Once you’re inside a Wal-Mart it’s hard to tell one in Montana from one anywhere else, they’re all the same. This is the first Wal-Mart we’ve seen in three days and we didn’t see any other food stores the whole day today. Don’t know what these people do for food and supplies.
When we got to Cut Bank (which is touted as being “the coldest spot in the Nation”) in the far west of the state we started to see mountains in the distance and knew the Rockies were ahead of us. Now the fun begins. See Day 23 below-The mountains and the moose.

Day 23-July 11, 2012-The mountains and the moose
After driving for two days through the entire state of Montana in the flat northern part we now start to see the Rockies ahead of us. As we get closer we realize there’s still snow on them. Oh My! After three hours we’re right in the middle of them and THEY ARE MAGNIFICENT! Billions of huge pine trees, gorgeous crystal clear turquoise lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls. Every turn has a different view, each one better than the last. And just as we get to the top of Maria’s Pass, the highest part of Route 2 and go over the Continental Divide, Harry spots something on the side of the road. At first I thought it was a buffalo (I’m still thinking Custer State Park, I guess), then I’m thinking elk, then I see the antlers and realize it’s a moose. But it can’t be real, it must be one of those tourist “Hey, stop here and see the moose” things and then I see him move as he gets ready to step into the road. I got a quick shot of him with the camera and then he ran into the woods. From what they tell us at the campground most people come here to see moose but very few do, so we feel really lucky.
The sensory overload here is unbelievable. The smell of the pine trees reminds me of going to pick out a Christmas tree, all you smell is pine. Even in our campground the smell is wonderful. I think I’m in a bit of shock it’s so beautiful. Plus I saw a moose!
There’s a gift store next to the campground and the people who own it wintered in Homosassa last year-small world. They have a great dog, Buddy Bear, a big old yellow thing who’s now my best bud. Walked around the camp and met some people from Oregon who gave us some info on a bus tour up the mountain in the Park. Going to relax and read now.

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Diary Photos

Rockies in the distance

Moose up ahead on the right

River & Mountains

Trees & water

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