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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 14th Jul 2012
Saturday 14 July 2012

Saturday 14 July 2012 

Well today was a quiet one. Am glad to say it was a cooler today as it rained a good chunk of it, but it got hotter towards the evening and at 9.15pm it was still 29° that's about as cool as it gets around here, I will never ever complain about the heat back in Aus .
Man I cooked tea last night with sweat literally running down my legs, arms, face....gotta be losing weight.
Talking about tea if I do say so myself I made the best hamburgers in town, they tasted great even if it took about two hours to make, still getting used to ovens stoves that sway all the time, even getting things out of the fridge is a challenge in itself, u have to judge the right time between swells so that when u open the door everything doesn't fly out across the room.
And then there is the heat, u can't leave things out of the fridge too long or they go off, and I might add the main fridge we use is in another part of the boat, so ur running from kitchen to other part of the boat, not sure what the boatie name for it is, sure the captain could make up some name for it...hahaha
So running back and forwards bracing urself open fridge real quick hope like hell food and stuff do not fly all over the place, race back to the galley (right name for kitchen)  turn over food that is cooking cut up what u have got out of the fridge, race back to put it back in the fridge, so it won't go off, brace urself wait for the right moment open real quick, shove it in real quick, close door real quick, race back to galley hoping like hell the food isn't burning, then do it all over again about a thousand times ...see why I sweat.
And don't even get me started about the freezer....ok just a little I make a lot of ice and the only way to do it is to fill clip lock bags with water and freeze them, as I learnt the hard way that trays don't work u fill them up go back an hour or so later and they are empty with no water at all, boat moves way too much.
Also the bags don't always work real good, they sometimes stick to the shelves in the freezer and u think they are frozen solid and try to get one out and bang.... The best water bombs on earth...hahaha u get covered in ice cold water and everything around u as well.
Sometimes who am I kidding almost all the time it's like a three ring circus around

Well tomorrow is another day.

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