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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 20th Jul 2012
Friday 20 July 2012

Friday 21 July 2012

Ok where to start we set sail tomorrow....scary scary stuff.

We have been busy all day getting things ready.
Went and got the final supplies.
then The Captain and Tom went in to port security to see what we need to do to clear out of Cayman, while I started do do some cooking for the first few days at least in case we hit rough weather we can get some food without too much fuss.

So have just sorted everything out start to boil some water as boiled eggs is one thing Tom said is quick and easy to grab and will be easy on you, if ur not feeling well, and there is a yell from outside, the boys are back and in business they have cleared out which means we can not go ashore anymore, and we are to go straight away into port to fuel up.
Not only have i got ingredients all over the galley and water boiling, but I have to take down all the washing ,then run around and make sure nothing will fly off counters about five seconds flat....far out talk about stressing me out.
So Tom is busy getting the ropes all out tie up all the fenders to the outside, while the captain is busy starting and getting the engine warmed up.
I come up on deck to catch my breath, realize the captain has started the engine and make a mental almost comical slide kinda jump down the steps as the back hatches are still open and they have to be closed or the fumes will kill us. Well not kill I guess but the smell just
Oh are we having fun yet?
So we race into, The port as we come around the Corner  we are looking up at a concrete wall about 20ft high, are they kidding me? I look around at the Captain and ask are u serious....yeap he is.
OMG...we got really close and there is a huge swell so we are getting pushed up to the wall very fast the guys up the top are yelling to slow down, I'm looking at the huge mass of concrete right in front of us, and just take off down stairs, no way in hell can I watch anymore.
We made it...hahaha. Not at all sure how but we are now tied up getting fuel, but the gauges don't work so the captain is down with hatches open watching with a torch and dip stick me on top of the stairs relaying messages Tom is holding the nozzle in the tank and the guy up top with the truck controlling the flow.... :-/
Told u it's a three ring circus around here.
The captain had to pay up front for the diesel and they thought they would need about 150lts, so we get to that and we need more, well u can't unless u pay up front, fare bit of cussing went on here from all around, so the captain has to go in and pay for another 50lts before we can have it....the big thing was how do we get him off the boat.
So Tom pulls one of the Ropes in close the captain stands on top of the rail, me behind him pushing,the guy up top pulling and the captain leaps and gets up...hahaha
This actually happens twice as the captain has to go back once more to sort out a few things and pick up a spear gun, yeah we have one of those too.
So other than a rope snapping, we get back safe to our bouy, and I can finally start to cook, this took about three hours while the boys slept, should of been born male.
But we are now relaxed up on deck frank has come over and we are sharing a few cocktails and the boys tall

The next entry will be out in the middle of the ocean u guys. Xxx

Well tomorrow is another day.

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