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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 26th Jul 2012
Wednesday 25 July 2012

Wednesday 25 July 2012

My shift 7am

Had a better sleep last night, well sort of.
We are sailing in what they call windward, it basically means that the boat leans over to one side quite a lot, I know it won't tip over but it sure feels like it, and it's uncomfortable, you have to always wedge yourself into a corner when sitting and sleeping , and don't even get me started on trying to move about.
Tom just sad that the boat really does not like going to windward at all and I said it takes after its first mate, or should of said Deck Scrubber, Tom is really the first mate.
So we get woken up early today as there is a barged being towed, and it's getting real close, so we need to change coarse again.
I came up to have a look as well, Tom thinks I'm the only one who worries about boats, huh.....but I do like watching and trying to work out what kinda ship it is, nothing much else happens out here.
ok that's me done and dusted.

My shift 3pm

Far out....this ocean just loves to throw all sorts of crap at you.
Just when you think you have it all figured out it throws a curve ball.
I'm back popping sea sick pills, as we are flying which is good but it's like being on a roller coaster/ washing machine.
There is a really big swell and we are have waves crashing over the bow, it's like being on a huge rocking horse that just went mental, your  rocking forward backwards and rolling side to side, while riding huge waves, not fun at all.
We are having a rough time trying not to be thrown about even sitting is hard.
Now you know it's bad when are seasoned sailor has asked me to dig out the seasick wrist bands we have here...:-/
I can tell you now if he starts chucking I'm gonna be right there beside him, as I'm just barely holding it  down myself.
Not sure about how the captain is as he is asleep, I guess we will find out soon enough, as I have to wake him soon.
Well the captain is fine and we all are again, we are now sitting here with no wind at all and a dead calm sea.
Well that's my shift done and dusted.

My shift 11pm

It's still nice and calm just a gentle breeze, when it's like this I really love it.
The stars are out and it clear skies all round.
Tom and I just changed coarse so we are back heading for Key West once again.
Just before we tacked he made me go down and wake Vic up just so he knew what was going to happen so he would roll out of bed,,,,I wanted to go down with the camera ready to film it,...hahaha 
Was lucky I did wake him cause he was right on the edge of the bed and would of for sure fallen out, would of been so funny.
Oh I forget to say the water maker has now stopped working so we are being real careful on how much we use, than the power supply where I charge my iPad broke, I was so not happy about that but with some tape and blue tac have another one working.
Did I just say calm? The wind as just picked up again and we are back on the rocking horse again ....far out.
Have been watching a lot of ships passing as well tonight , this is a good sign we are lose o land.
That's me done in way to much wave action today.

Well tomorrow is another day,

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