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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 31st Jul 2012
Monday 30 July 2012

Monday 30 July 2012

Well the guys came today to get the transmission out, while they were here they checked all the other bits and pieces as well.
The shaft has a warn area where a pipe has been running up against it, which needs to be fixed, as in a whole new shaft, if this breaks it will tear a hole in the boat, not nice.
The good thing is that if we don't drive the engine too hard we can fix it up at Tom's, as we have to take the boat out of the water up there anyway, but not an expense we need, with everything else that needs fixing.
They also found another hose thingy that was supposed to be clamped hard the clamps came off in his fingers, this could of also sunk the boat, they are fixing that one here.
Then we come to the transmission, that one is going to kill us with the price to get it fixed and not to mention what they are charging us here to stay in this hell hole.
Honest it is shocking, it's dirty, noisy, bugs flying everywhere and it's so hot without any breeze at all, it's now just coming on 8am and its 31° already not to mention the humidity, it's a killer.

So after they take the transmission out I'm left with a huge mess to clean up, what ever they were using there is a fine grit all over the boat inside and out, not good as i've had to dust clean and scrub everything, with sweat running, was shocking.
Am not liking this at all, I wanna go home, have had enough.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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