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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 12th Aug 2012
Wednesday 08 August 213

Wednesday 08 August 2012

My shift 7am

Ok woke up to a face full of water....nice
I'm sleeping on deck, as it's to noisy and smelly down in our cabin with the engine going. 

It's still noisy up here as well but it's not too bad and it's a lot cooler, the only trouble is every time the wind changes they have  to adjust the sails, so they wake me up to move, most of the time it's only when  its a major adjustment, but it sure is not nice getting woken up from a deep sleep, just so they can change sails.
I know I sound grumpy, it's cause I haven't had my second cup of coffee
Anyway getting back to the face full of water, it's raining, kinda a relief that it was only rain and not ocean.
It's looking like a miserable day, rain, overcast, wind that has no idea what it wants to do, but it's cool, not the shocking heat we had yesterday.
That's so far anyway.
 One thing I am learning out here it can change so quick.

Just checked the gps, we are off the coast of Georgia, we are making good progress.

Oh far out we are on the rocking horse again....this is so, not nice at all.
Well my shift is done.

My shift 3pm

Omg....we are in the middle of a granddaddy storm was worst than the one before, this started about 1pm and is still going, rain, wind, thunder, and a ocean that's is crashing onto the boat.
Tom has had to hand steer most of the time as its just way to rough for the auto pilot.  We have been watching it on the radar the whole time, it's about five miles wide and no matter what we do we can't get out of it, it's the strangest thing we are stuck right in the middle and have been for over two hours, we are wet, cold and getting very tired, the rain is coming down so hard everything inside and outside is wet, its coming in the hatches, ports everywhere, we can't see much around us just hope there is no ships out there,

And if things can't get worse, the captain has just said it could be worse at least we are not in the Bermuda triangle, Tom looks over and said actually we are right smack in the god damn middle, are they kidding me?.....I so wish they were but that's exactly where we are.
I think that bit of joyful news is scaring  me way more than the storm.

So things settle down again, my shift is over now I'm going to attempt to cook dinner, still with all those horror stories, of the Bermuda Triangle running through my head.
This is one place I never ever wanted to be, and I'm very much strung out, not only does the boat takes a beating the crew does too.

My shift 11pm

After cooking dinner which nearly killed me, man it was so hard I kept getting thrown around so much with the swells, but it turned out well, even though I managed to get a new set of bruises.

So the guys now are trying to tell me we are not in the Bermuda triangle, just on the outskirts, am not sure what to think, are they just trying to make me feel better? it really doesn't matter even on the outskirts is way too close for me.

So all is quiet  again for awhile the captain attempts to go have a sleep again as I had to wake him to come and help with the storm.
Tom and I are reading, and trying to just relax, the wind is almost not blowing than all of a sudden there is a huge crash....what the hell Tom and I jump up to see, the boom on the main sail has just come apart...far out.

I race down and wake the captain again, it looks as though the bracket that holds the ropes and stuff has fallen off, so its a mad rush to get the sail down and tie up the rest of the boom, as all this is going on I'm kinda stressing and holding a torch so they can see, I spot two red lights. One on top of the other at the front of the boat, then they disappear, then they reappear, I yell out to Tom to take a look as it looks like a boat coming straight for us even though it was a few miles out.
By the time he looks up they disappear again so I check the radar, nothing at all showing up.
Then all of a sudden on the horizon there is three very bright white lights about a quarter mile apart from each other all in a row...then they disappear. Then only one appears again, then nothing.
Am seriously freaking out here. Yeah sure we are not in the Bermuda triangle my arse....there is weird stuff happening all around out here.
No way am I gonna be able to sleep tonight, for all we know we are already in another dimension ,not even on this planet anymore. :-/

Well tomorrow is another day, hopefully still in this world.

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