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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 15th Aug 2012
Tuesday 14 th August 2012

Tuesday 14th August 2012

Well what a night trying to sleep.

First I tried down in the cabin, was almost asleep, maybe even was I'm not sure, then suddenly I thought I heard a very soft cry for help, so I lay real still, waiting listening, then heard it again.... Omg has the captain gone overboard, this is one of my biggest fears, that someone will go overboard, and everyone else is down below asleep, so we made a rule that no one leaves the cockpit at night, if they are by themselves.

So I race upstairs and the captain is sitting oh so happy reading his book, thank god.
He looks at me while I try to explain the voice I heard, yeah he thinks I'm
I actually have no idea what is was maybe just the wind, who knows, so after that fright I decided to sleep up on deck, as it's so much cooler up here anyway.
So pillows and sheet I make a little bed up here, you kinda also tuck pillows all around you to stop you rolling around as well.

So all cozy in my little bed, gently breeze blowing I drift off to sleep, the Thump...right in the chest, OMFG, ( my kids yeah I did the noise)....they will know what I'm talking about.
So I jump up at a hundred miles an hour the captain nearly has a heart attack,  a freaking flying fish has hit me in the god damn chest..... So it's flapping around all over my bed, the captain and I are trying to catch it, me squealing like a little girl, the captain trying oh so hard not to laugh, and we finally nail it with a pillow.
He grabs it and throws it overboard.
With my heart still pumping way  too fast, I take one look at my once cosy bed, that is now full of fish scales and stinks of fish, look over at the captain who has the biggest smirk on his face, and grab my pillows and go back down to the Cabin, it may be hot down there but at least I wont be terrorized by any fish, I'm sure I could here the captain laughing as I once again drifted off to sleep.

My shift 7am
So climb up on deck, and there is Tom greeting me with a dead flying fish, am sure the captain and him had a great laugh about it. I give him the death stare, yeah I'm not impressed, I'm sure I will see the humor in it one day.

Anyway it's a beautiful day up here the sun just rising a gently swell, and I just checked my fishing rod, rigging still all attached put it back in the water, and hope to catch something for dinner tonight.....hahaha
We just saw a large pod of dolphins, they are so cool I just love watching them.

Just checked the gps, we are now off the coast of Virginia, and we are moving at a great rate, we are getting about 4knots of current pushing us which is great.
I'm just watching a cargo ship going past, this one is so loaded up with containers, it's huge.
A few more ships went past for awhile longer than nothing again.

Well that me done and dusted.

3pm my shift

Well I have just woke from another huge sleep, I'm so glad I woke up, as I was having shocking dreams and was real stressed about not being able to find my home address and was lost. The guys just laughed at me, I told them its because my home is on the move all the time.
I have to say it upset me, I'm homesick I miss you all, I have all the little family birthday videos that I have done over the years, now on my iPad so late at night I sit here with head phones on and listen watch and cry.
But I watch them over and over it makes me feel like I'm kinda there with you guys.

Ok I think we may be still in the Bermuda Triangle, I have just seen the most strangest sight, way off on the horizon, it looks like a little town or an island with a lot of buildings, at first I thought it was a couple of ships, and so did Tom, but the more I look at it, it looks like buildings, I want to sail over closer, Tom won't have a bar or it, they are so no fun, I made him take a real close look through the binoculars he just rolls his eyes and thinks I'm weird too.
Maybe I just need more
We just heard this loud noise and I'm thinking oh no, then a air force jet flys in so close we nearly die of shock, it was real pale blue in color, they were just checking us out I guess.

Well that's my shift done and dusted.
11pm my shift

Ok my turn again, we had the motor off for awhile this afternoon was so nice just to be sailing and all quiet, but the wind just died so we had to give in and start the motor again.

We just finished dinner when we heard the click click of my fishing rod, well I was up in a flash, and yeah I had a fish, I was so excited and slowly brought it in,I let in run then  reeled some line in, it took a while but at last I could  see it was a dolphin fish, not the cute flipper type, but a mahi mahi , it was not a real big one but would of made a good meal at least, did you noticed I said would have, I had Tom and the Captain on stand by with the gaff ready, and just as I got it close to the boat, the captain leant over to gaff it and yeah it got away.
Hey but I did catch it, just not land it....It was one lucky fish.

So all is quiet for my first hour of my shift, so the second half Omg, we are getting very close to moving into Chesapeake Bay and I just looked at the radar, are you kidding me there must be twenty odd ships on the radar.
The Captain had just gone back to sleep, I felt bad waking him up, but only for about a
There was no way I could deal with all this.
 The bay here is nothing like the ones back home, two hundred miles long and around thirty wide with hundreds of huge rivers feeding into it.
There is a lot of shipping coming out of the entrance, from Norfolk and Baltimore, so it's very busy.
Anyway we are both watching out for ships until my shift ends. I stayed up with the captain for awhile than had to give in and go down to sleep.

Well tomorrow is anther day.

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