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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 30th Aug 2012
Sunday 26th August 2012

Man where do the days go, I so have to update this more often.
So we are still busy flat out actually, I'm so over cleaning, when does it stop?

Sunday, 26th August 2012

More cleaning of cause, then laundry day, I hate going to laundromats, but only slightly better than washing in a bucket.
It's so expensive as well, so this time the captain came with me.
We loaded all the washing in, now you are most likely thinking how come we have so much washing, well as I'm cleaning I found a whole heap more sheets and towels, so they all needed washing.
But the towels are great so bright red and pink stripe, very
But the sheets are boring white.
Now I have a thing about bright sheets I hate them, but boring white come least a nice soft print, maybe I should tie dye them and make clothes out of them...hahaha
Actually that gives me ideas.

I so want to buy a sewing machine, my hand sewing is not going so well, my clothes keep falling apart... :-/

So getting back to the washing after loading all the washing in three machines, we decided to leave it and go shopping, as we needed to pick up some stuff and also diesel, for the generator.
As we are driving there the captain said, here we are driving in the country in America, who would of thought, it's a strange world.
I actually don,t think of it too much, I think it would do my head in.
I kinda just go day to day, as so much happens all the time, if I stop, and think about it I may just go crazy.
So We get back to the laundromat, clothes are finished so now into the dryer, this time I use four, they have heaps anyway.
We are both sitting watching the clothes go round and round....hahaha 
We need a life.
Actually u do need to watch as you put in a dime at a time and it lasts for 6minutes then u have to put another in.
You would be amazed at how many people use laundromats, in America, it's heaps, I have no idea why they don't have a washing machine, when they are so cheap to buy over here.
Anyway this lady and man Come in, I swear to god he must of been 7 foot tall, and built like a mountain, god he was big.
He sure looked like he lived in the mountains as well u would not like to get him angry.
So we sat there watching our washing go round and round very quiet like little not game to look sideways at him.
Well tomorrow is another day.

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