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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 6th Sep 2012
Monday 3rd September 2012

Monday 3rd September 2012

Well another day I need to get back into to doing this more often the days are just getting way to ahead of me.
I am finally onto the galley ( kitchen ), can see myself bogged down here for months, man it sure is a lot of work in such a small area, some of the cupboards, go back so far I can not reach no matter how I try, so I just sprayed them with cleaner and hope for the best.
I have pulled everything out and rearrange it all again.
I also cleaned and defrosted the fridge and freezer as well.
I was up to my eyeballs in dirt and mess when Bob the owner of this place wanted us to join him and his family for lunch it's labour day long weekend here, and they were having a big get together.
Well no way was I going, I was in the thick of it, and for those of you that know me when I'm cleaning, nothing is going to stop me, I just keep going till its done.
Actually  night time here does stop me cause I can't see so well as our lights aren't so bright.
Anyway the captain decided to go as he thought at least one of us should, so I'm cleaning away, was actually sitting on the floor with stuff piled all around and on top of me, when one of the guys comes down trying to get me to come up for lunch, I thanked him but said no, it took a long time for him to accept it but finally he did and left.
Well this made me feel guilty, and then angry, all I wanted to do was clean, I'm sure if they realized how much work I still have to do they may understand, well maybe not.
Anyway next comes one of the ladies and her daughter....was really thinking god here we go again, but they came with plates of food for me this time, four actually with desert.
Way to go to make me feel even more guilty.
But they also wanted to have a look at the boat so I guess that was ok.
The worst thing was I couldn't eat any of it cause they were not sure about it having garlic or nuts, so the captain had it for dinner that night.
At least I got out if cooking for a night, which was great.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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