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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 2nd Jan 2013
Wednesday 1st January 2013

Wednesday 1st January 2013

Well a new year 2013, how time flys, I can't believe we have been away from home for ten long months, seems like only yesterday we were saying goodbye to you all, and here we are ten months on and still sitting in this place.

It's funny how a new year always makes you look back on what we have done that year, and what a year we have had.
I can honestly say I feel like I have lived a lifetime in one year, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could see, experience, so much in such a short time.

Thirteen countries, twelve plane rides, not sure how many ferries, some overnight, could not even begin to count how many trains, taxis, hire cars, the list goes on and on.
Then the time zones, man I would like to sit down one day and work that out.

Then the emotional dramas and boy have we had our share and then some.
I know you have all read about our dramas, family dramas, hurts, upsets and disappointments, and we had one finale one about eight hours before the new year.

This I don't want to go into details, but if there is a god out there I sure hope he is watching over you, in this rough time, love you guys and am thinking of you. xxx

It's been so cold here, and has even snowed twice, I so wanted a white Christmas, if we had to be stuck here, at least we could of had that, but no, we had snow Christmas Eve, and Boxing Day, but I can't complain as it was so much fun to watch the snow fall, and even if it does not last long we did have one very white covered boat, not sure she has ever seen snow before and I don't think she was impressed as much has her owners, but she is the one keeping us here, so start liking us a bit more, and we can all get along and be out of here soon.

We have not been doing a great deal at the moment, Tom has been away for about 3 weeks and looking like it might be a long time still till he gets back.
The Captain and I have been doing the little things that need doing while he is away.
I have finally finished tiling the last head ( bathroom ) and man it was a hard job, it has a lot of angles so many a cuts had to be made, with me measuring racing outside in the freezing cold, cutting and then racing back inside to thaw out again, this went on way too many times, but hey it is finished, now the Captain has to connect all the plumbing back up and we will have finally finished the heads (bathrooms) will kinda, we are going to buy and install an electric toilet in one of the heads ( bathrooms ), so that's another project to do.

With the weather being so bad, with freezing temps, wind, snow and the rain, man has it rained, we have found so many leaks inside, I swear sometimes there is more water inside the boat than outside, these boats sure live of to their names, they are classed as the Leaky Teaky, boats.
I for one am so tired of washing wet bed linens, mopping up and trying to dry mattress outside, every time we get a bit of sunshine, which is not often.
The worst leak is right over our bed, and no matter what we can not find out where it is coming in. So that hunt continues and if I'm quick enough I can put some buckets down when it rains to catch the leaks.
And the work goes on and on.
Will it ever end?

And the new year begins, it did not get off to a great start, the poor Captain is sick, with the man flu, and I'm having bad sinus issues and a tum that's not so good either.
So health we need to fix, as well as this boat, it never ends.

But this year is going to be so much better than the last four months or so of last year.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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