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Education is Light
19th Jan 2013
Happy New Year and thankyou for the rebuiding.

Hi! Everyone,

Happy New Year 2013!!!!!!!!!!Thanks God we were all able to make it through to this New year and all looking for forward to have a good new year and prosperity.

From me and on behalf of all the kids and parents from our Mtomondoni Sponsorship Program, I the program Africa coordinator want to send my sincere gratitude to everyone and to all the sponsors who have been tirelessly contributing to the Mtomondoni Sponsorship Program towards the kids school needs of which the sponsors funds have been able to sustain all the program kids since the program started up to the moment. I would also urge more sponsors to come in to the program and join hands with the rest so as to fulfill the good dreams of all the needy children here in Africa.

Many more thanks go to all the donors who without hesitance and kindness made it possible to rebuild the Mtwapa Academy School after part of the school was demolished so as to pave way for the Kenya government slum upgrading project which is now on progress. Generally soon this government project work started it took everyone here in Mtwapa with surprise and especially for all the buildings which were located near the roads since the first phase of the government slum upgrading project was to construct proper roads, clean water pipelines and proper drainage system which it all needed space. As a result nearly 99 percent of all the building which were located near the roadside were marked for demolishment. So from the government their main work was to survey, dermacate and mark all those buildings which are located within their project line of work and thus Mtwapa Academy was included for the demolishment.

Due to the above demolishment plan, the school director madam Rahab was stuck on how she could commence on the demolishment and rebuilding work as she had no spare funds for the emergence work and unfortunately the government was not going to compensate for the demolishment and instead a penalty was to be imposed to all those building owners who fail to adhere on the demolishment notice.

I once again on behalf of the Mtomondoni Sponsorship program family want to send my sincere thanks and gratitude to all the donors who quickly responded to Rahab’s school appeal for assistance in the demolishment and rebuilding work for the Mtwapa Academy and through their contributions it made the school rebuilding work a success. As I speak now the rebuilding work is nearly completion as the final touches of plastering and painting are is on progress. Please have a look in our picture gallery for the updates of the school rebuilding work.

Am therefore happy to acknowledge the following donors who kindly contributed to the school rebuilding work;-

1. Babington College, through Sara and Gail-England.
2. John Cleveland College, through Kate Cook-England.
3. Brockington College, through Sarah Heggs-England.
4. Craig Essex and wife of Babington College-England.
5. Val Murphy-England.
6. Skills for Living-England.
7. Gerald Trevor-England.
8. Mike Wann-England.
9. Val and Robert Bills-England.
10. Rose Goldberg-England.
11. Steve and Karen Taylor-England.
12. Linda Barret-England.
13. Clarkes Shoe Shop-England.
14. Stephen Moir-England.
15. Haffner Family-England.
16. J.Heggs-England.
17. Gill Ward-England.
18. Summer Family-England.
19. Leicester Church.
20.Mr.and Mrs.Bradbury.
Finally I want to wish you all the very best with your families through out this year, be blessed.
Yours in service,
Moses Kopulo(Sponsorship Coordinator-Africa).

Next: A very strong, new look, Mtwapa Academy. Asante Sana x
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Diary Photos

Mtwapa Academy KG kids having P.E.

Mtwapa Academy KG kids having P.E with their teachers.

Running for a reason!!! kg kids competing to run.

Still enjoying P.E, Mtwapa Academy KG kids out playing.

A section of the new school wall showing the new gate.

New school gate next to new KG classes.

Stil out for P.E

Madam Emily, one of the KG teachers having P.E with the kids.

More P.E exercise.

Still enjoying P.E.

Still enjoying P.E.

Still P.E time.

Teching the kids some P.E skills.

Madam Emily with some of the school teachersout for P.E .

Madam Emily, teaching the kids some more P.E skills.

Some more P.E skills.

Still P.E at Mtwapa Academy.

KG kids matching like 'soldiers'.

Mtwapa Academy KG kids, flying like birds!!!

Time to stretch out for kids!!!! at Mtwapa Academy.

Mtwapa Academy KG kids with their teachers outside the new school wall.

It's the new face look!!!!!!!! of Mtwapa Academy

More pictures of the Mtwapa Academy kindergarten kids ouside the new school wall!!!

Our new school wall!!!!!!!!KG kids happy ouside the Mtwapa Academy new school gate!!!

A closer look look of the new school gate.

Another closer look of the new school gate and wall.

Another wider view of the news school wall.

A view of the rebuild school library and the new school wall.

A wider view of the new school library, classes, walls and new school gate.

A wider view of the new school library, classes, walls and new school gate.

Another view of the new school wall.

General view of the rebuilding work at the school.

More views of the new school wall alos showing the classes.

A section of the new school wall, rebuild library class wall.

A section of the new school wall, rebuild library class wall.

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