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Education is Light
29th Mar 2013
Girls sanitary care project launched.

Hi! Everyone,
Happy Easter holiday!!!!!!!!!!! As you all know the Mtomondoni sponsorship program is ‘growing’ alongside with all the kids who are involved in the program. Since both the boys and girl kids are growing physically and mentally, they thus pass through the normal and natural human stages of growth.

Due to the above and making a special emphasize to girls, the Mtomondoni Sponsorship Program through Sara and Gail have introduced a special program on sanitary pads to all the girls in the program. This program was started so as to help all those girls who especially have reached their adolescent stages and have started to experience their menstrual cycle. Because the girls are needy children ,they are most of the times are unable to afford to buy the sanitary pads and so if such a girl is not helped with the sanitary pads they are unable to go to school for the whole menstrual period.

Hopefully with this kind of program it will be able to help all the girls for a smooth learning. Please Gail and Sara receive a special message of thanks from Esther, Loice, Zawadi and Salwa.Also see pictures of them receiving the sanitary pads from our picture gallery.

Joining the girls in the picture is Madam Emily who also gave useful advice to the girls before receiving their sanitary pads.Thankyou.

With that I say and from us all here in Mtwapa, wish you all a happy Easter.
Yours in service,

Moses Kopulo(sponsorship coordinator)

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Diary Photos

Mary Junior on her new school uniform standing outside her classroom.

Mary Junior with her mother

Mary Junior on her new school dress and jumper

Another closer picture of Mary Junior on her new school uniform.

Mary Junior standing by the school gate.

Mary Junior on her new P.E uniform and new school bag.

Mary Junior standing by the school notice board.

A closer picture of Mary Junior outside the school gate.

A wider picture of the school gate also showing a picture of Mary Junior.

Another picture of Mary on her P.e uniform standing outside the school gate.

Mary Junior on her new school P.E uniform, showing also her new school bag and standing with her mother.

Mary Junior possing for a picture with Moses.

From left Esther, Loice, Zawadi and Salwa.

Some of sponsored girls, Esther.Loice, Zawadi and Salwa showing their sanitary pads.

Madam Emily with Esther, Loice, Zawadi and Salwa.

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