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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 13th Apr 2013
Thursday 11th and Friday 12th April 2013

Well today is the day.
After a shocking sleep, I'm up racing.
Am sitting here at the laundromat for the last time in America, thank god, with any luck no more Walmart look a likes.
We have so many last minute things to do its just crazy, I have already been in a flood of tears, but now am just too busy to think about tears.

Tom is still trying to get the engine running as I speak, we had dramas yesterday after filling the tanks with diesel, the night before, when we opened up the floor hatches to do some engine work, guess what?
3 out of the 4 repaired tanks have leaks....yeap here we go again. :-/

Yesterday The Captain and I had to do some last minute shopping, so he drops me off at Walmart and what seemed like 4 hours later came to get me, he had major problems getting some fittings for a new BBQ we have, all I can say he was not a happy camper, and he thinks I use a lot of pirate language, man I was not game to look sideways at him, I can tell you he is so over America.

It's a lovely country and we have meet some great people, seen some amazing sites, lived the way that tourist never would, but it sure is time to move on, if you add it all up we have been in this country almost 10 months.

So with a heavy heart I said goodbye to Walmart...hahaha not.
And soon goodbye to America, it will take us about 3 days to get down the bay, and a bit longer than that to be out of American waters.

Well things just never work to plan with us I'm sure we must be cursed, we finally fix the leaking tank problems, than find a crack in the oil filter holder thingy.
So a million phone calls the captain running around everywhere he finally tracks one down, but now it's too late to leave.
Well I can tell you I was the one then who was not a happy camper, I was so angry I could barely see straight.
But calmed down after awhile and the captain and I spend the rest of the afternoon and into the night getting the last minute things done on deck, this was not fun as it had turned really cold. We have had great weather for the last few days with yesterday getting up to 41°, yeah it sure was hard to believe that two weeks before it was snowing.

So today was the day we got everything working the guys went off to do last minute things and then we decided to leave around 4.30 pm when the tide was right.
So the captain goes to check that all the navigation lights are working and the stern ones not.
Here we go again after changing bulbs and wriggling wires nothing worked.
Now trying to work out where wires go on a boat is a major problem, nothing runs where u think it should, so down to our cabin we all head, screwdrivers in hand, we take apart every bit of timber we can and nope nothing, so then up come the cushion mattress and up come the bases and into the bilge and there we find a mountain of wires running all over the place.
So after testing cutting repairing pulling more things apart, and a lot of pirate language, we now have the nav light wired to the fan in our cabin until we can sort all the mess out later.
So hours later we set off the wind is blowing us onto the dock and trust me it was hard going trying to keep her from hitting the pilings but we finally managed to get going in misty rain and the dark starting to creep up on us.

So all is going fine it's dark now and I'm down cooking dinner and thump I'm almost thrown across the floor, and with a thumping heart race up to see what has happened.
We just ran aground this part of the river is very shallow and Tom was steering so the captain was ribbing him about, being such a good sailer, and then not longer than 20 minutes later after getting out of that one the captain runs aground, man I tell you this was getting crazy, then the captain decided it was time to call it a day, so we found a nice safe spot and are anchored for the night.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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