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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 23rd Apr 2013
Sunday21st, Monday22nd and Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Well Sunday was really wiped out for all of us, as we had hardly any sleep the day before, we have done not much but sleep all day.

We so needed it, and I was in such a bad mood in the afternoon and even into the following day.
No one could look at me sideways I can tell you.
Why, I'm still trying to work that out, I can only really put in down to the stress of the trip here, it was so rough and I was scared, it was ok for the guys they spent it up in the cockpit, I was the one getting thrown around down here, and I have very sore ribs from being thrown up against stuff, and not to mention trying to clean up the mess that had been flown around the place.
It seems that no matter how careful you are about stowing stuff away, when the weather throws strong winds and rough seas at you things just go haywire.

So Anyway the usual happened, when I get upset I clean. I can tell you this boat was sparkling.

Monday was a cold windy rainy day, so after my cleaning frenzy we all just chilled for the rest if the day.


Well today has been a hive of activity, we are getting everything ready to leave.
The wind has finally settled down thank God, we have had gale force winds for last couple of days and it sure gets on your nerves, after awhile.

But all is looking good for leaving first thing tomorrow morning, we will head out into the ocean straight away and head for the Gulf Stream.
This will be the scariest crossing so far, it's only about 60 miles wide but will take us about 8 to 10 hours to cross and we really don't want to be out there in rough weather.
Then we head to wait for it Bermuda, yeah I know that damn triangle again, once we get close we will turn south and head for Antigua.
So with any luck in around three weeks we should be there, so after tonight we are off the grid, but I will still have our sail mail and will sent emails.

I will keep up my blog and post when I can, here's to more Adventures.

Love you guys. Xxx

Well tomorrow is another day.

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