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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 18th May 2013
Friday 16th May 2013

Friday 16th May 2013

Well today, we get to fix the shower pump, I hope.
The Captain has to ring the guy at 11am and see if he can come out to the boat.

We have subscribed to a weather forecast guy, who is supposed to be very good and the best thing he is on the radio every morning so you can listen in, and also talk to him on the radio or Internet on his web site.
So far we are having a problem with him hearing us on the radio, not sure why, but today we managed to get him on the computer, the best weather for us to leave is on Monday, if we leave any sooner we will hit a very big tropical storm, we sure don't want that.
So we will contact him again on Sunday just to make sure, but it's all pointing to Monday at the moment.
The biggest problem will be getting this boat tied up to the wharf at the customs place, with just the two of us, it's very unnerving I can tell you.

Oh and yeah the fish I caught, well they don't taste that good, it's a pity as today after I cleaned up the boat, I did a bit mire fishing hoping to catch something else, and caught five more of these guys, a lot bigger than yesterday, but I just threw them all back in again.

Anyway the guy Glen comes out and We now have a working shower again, yay.
Then The Captain and him go on the hunt to find and repair the transom light, now I tell you after hours of searching almost every locker and emptying them, the boat looked like a war zone, now I had spent all morning cleaning remember, so was not so happy.

They were trying trace the wire back to the control panel, as per usual with a lot of butts in the air.
After hours they almost gave up then realised it worked all along, was just hooked up to a different switch...hahaha

So all is working fine now.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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