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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 1st Jun 2013
Friday 31st May 2013

Friday 31st May 2013

Am sitting here this morning watching a heap of Mega Yachts, and boats go out of the lagoon under the bridge, they are just going one after the other soon there will not be many left.

You ask why?
Well tomorrow is the 1st of June and the official start to the Hurricane season.

Man we feel like we have come full circle and almost have, we bought this boat in the beginning of the Hurricane season and made a mad dash to get out of it, and here we are back in it again.

We are trying very hard to get the repairs done so we can get going to, if we don't hurry up and get through Panama soon we will be in the cyclone season in the pacific, all we are doing is chasing our tail, it's driving us nuts, but once we get through Panama we can finally settle down and really enjoy this life as it was meant to be.

We had a guy come out to have a look at our cockpit today and see what can be done to get it weather proof, it's going to cost a bit, but at least we will have dry beds when we are out there in the ocean which will be great.

After he left we decided to go ashore and find a local supermarket that is supposed to be the cheapest on the island, so jump in the dingy, take off and the wind picks up big time, now this would be ok, but it also makes the waves big as well, and big waves in a small boat means that all on board get wet, yeap we were drenched, I had water dripping off my nose, and my nice clean hair this morning, that I had blow dried and all, and even having a good hair day, for the first time in like forever, was plastered to my head.
Was not happy.
And did we find the shop? Nope, but we did find out that it was way over the other side of the island...hahaha

Oh and the other thing we are right under the flight path of the airport, most of you may have seen the video I put on facebook.
Now I know I wanted to see the planes go past real close but man I only wanted a afternoon watching them, not day and night, all the time, to be fair they only start about 9am and finish about 3pm.
Also I'm on a quest to film the perfect jumbo jet flying past, I have a time schedule
On them that I am keeping track of the big guys, and race up at the right time to get a clip with my ipad but with the wind and sun in my eyes I'm almost doing it blind and holding on so the wind does not blow me or god forbid my ipad overboard.... Haha
So watch this space.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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