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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 4th Jun 2013
Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd June 2013

Sunday 2nd June and Monday 3rd June 2013

Well we are starting to tick off the list of jobs to do.

We put the port hole back in blasted it with a hose and yeap it still leaks...far out
But its not the seal its the surrounds, so we will put a bead of seal around that as well, another job to add to the list.

We have decided to just use teak oil on the timber, as its much easier to do, I know we will be doing it most likely monthly but at least the wood won't go grey until we can think of another solution, I did some yesterday and it looks like it will need two coats, I only did a small section as it was way too hot, and I'm not sure but i think the sun got to me, as I felt really off the rest of the day, but this afternoon when it cooled down The Captain and I did almost the whole boat, so that was good.

We had the riggers coming and going yesterday and its looking like it will be finished tomorrow, yay.

The canvas guy came and we have worked all that out, and it should be done by Thursday, we are a bit worried about it working or not, but it should be a big improvement at least. ( no more wet mattresses we hope )

And on Wednesday the boat will be lifted out of the water, to the clean and stuff can be fixed, I'm excited about this one, not only will she get a good clean, well her bottom but it will be the first time we have seen her out of the water.
The big problem we have with her is that she is a big heavy boat so not many boat yards have a lift big enough to get her out of the water, lucky there was one here so thats good.

So the work continues at a slow pace we know there will always be a list of things to do but at least some are getting done.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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