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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 5th Jun 2013
Tuesday 4th June 2013

Tuesday 4th june 2013

Well first I would like to wish my brother a very Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day. Xxx

So today we finally got the rigging fixed, yay, one more problem fixed.
After the riggers left we decided to go to shore, The Captain wanted to go to the French side to talk to a local here who knows everything about the island, and also we needed to get The Captains Chair fixed that was another broken thing.
Me I so didn't want to go to that side, but went anyway.
I can tell you it's still yuck, it's actually so sad, and very third world, on the outside of this island, it's all modern and resorts, then you get just inside and it's so third world and so poor it's shocking.
So we found the guy, he also has a laundry and The Captain, wanted to take our laundry there as well as he did not like the lady who did ours on the Dutch side, I can tell you it is staying on the Dutch side as this guys place was so dirty and smelly, the clothes would come back worse than when we left them.

We also found a guy that can fix our chair so that's good.

Then we came back to the other side and very wet once again went hunter for bits and pieces.
And guess what the Dutch side has the same third world as well, just not as smelly, we wanted to find a hardware store and was told if we just walk up the hill there is one there, should only take 5mins max, they lied too....haha
After god knows how long weaving on and off the road dodging water that smelt like sewage, trying not to get run over or mugged, two very tired and sweaty cruisers, finally came to the store, man we were blown away it was huge spotless, just like a huge department store with everything, I for one was very impressed.
Got what we needed then headed back to the dingy safe and sound.

Back to the boat and The Captain even had a nana nap...hahah

Well tomorrow is another day.

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