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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 7th Jun 2013
Thursday 6th June 2013

Thursday 6th june 2013

Well first off I want to wish my girl and her man a big congrats for getting your house keys...yay let the Renovations begin, well done guys. Xxx

Ok the day started off very early, with The Captain, in pain at some ungodly hour of the morning, actually not sure it was actually morning, now we know how guys are when they are in pain, but man do you have to wake up the whole Lagoon with your cries of agony?...hahaha

All joking aside he was actually in very bad pain the poor guy, he has been suffering from leg cramps, and this one was the worst so far in his thigh this time.

So up we get and he is trying to walk around to ease the pain, and I hit the computer, with good old trusty Google, it seems that he needs more minerals in his diet, as our water maker makes the water so pure we are not getting any of these minerals that are usually in the normal drinking water.

We have some stuff on board some he is going to start taking that and see how he goes, lets hope it works.
I ended up sleeping up in the cock pit after this as it was so hot in the cabin, and also to let The Captain get a bit more rest, or maybe me get more rest...haha
And he wakes up this morning just fine and dandy, like, nothing had gone on at all.

There is a bit of quiet tension starting to happen on this boat of ours, as you know we are in the beginning of the Hurricane season, and not much really happens to later in the season, well that has changed, there has already been two named storms, one is Hurricane Andrea, we have been keeping a close watch on Andrea, and luckily she is going to miss us, but it's still scary, the sooner we get to Panama the better.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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