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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 9th Jun 2013
Friday 7th and Saturday 8th June 2013

Friday 7th and Saturday 8th June.

Ok well Friday was a busy day still trying to get all the bits and pieces done before we head out.

We went to the local chemist here, as we needed some supplies, as in strong pain killers and some antibiotics, we have been reading up on updating our medical kit,
We have most of Everything already, but no antibiotics, so go to the Chemist explain what we need come away with all this stuff all, prescription medicine, no doctors visit, they just hand it over to you and very cheap, gotta love these islands.

In the afternoon the canvas guy came to hang up our new weather proof stuff, and yeap it does not fit, back to the drawing board, actually in all fairness it was not too bad, just needs some tweaking, so now we have to wait for Monday afternoon to see how that goes.


Today we hired a car, and went for a drive around the island, we needed to get a big shop done as well, we had been told of two stores that are really good for provisions,
So after getting lost heaps of times I think by the time we finished, it felt like we had been around the island ten times...haha
We also took a walk around, Philipsburg, on the Dutch side, where they have all these stalls mainly for the cruise ships, but it was fun, got ripped off buying two dresses, got hassled by everyone, trying to sell you this and that, but got a feel of the island a bit as well.
This island is such a mixed bag, you have really nice areas, and then the slums where you close your windows and lock your doors this is while your driving.
On the Dutch side there is no speed limits, on the French there is, the road does not start or stop, there is just a small sign to say what side you are on, so you need to be a bit careful, but other than a speed limit on the French side, there is no other road rules, it just a free for all, kinda a bit scary, and it felt like The Captain was driving so fast, but he was mainly only doing about 40km, I guess we are so used to the boat and dingy going slow...hahaha

We still did not get everything we needed so we are keeping the car for one more day and will head out again tomorrow.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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