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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 17th Jun 2013
Saturday 15th June 2013

Saturday 15th June 2013

Well have woken up to a very pretty spot, beautiful teal blue water, I don't think I will ever get enough of this colour water it's just beautiful, and crystal clear, we are in about 3 meters of water and you can see the chain and anchor right to the bottom as clear as day.

They have a local markets, on shore today so we decided to go have a look and have breakfast in one of the French bakeries.

So off we set, get to shore have a little look around the markets, most all sell the exact same thing it's crazy, how they ever make any money, and they all hassle you, as your walking past, they try to stop you and want you to buy this and that, I don't like it at all, even if you say you are just looking, well no way do they listen, you actually have to be rude to them and just walk away.
And heaven help you if you pick something up to look at, man they jump on you, they tell you how much and you say too expensive then they try and bargain, we are not real good at this as we feel sorry for them, then on and on it goes.
And the big rule is you never ever look them in the eye, or your gone, you might as well just hand over your whole wallet...haha

So we fight our way through the markets and go to our little French bakery, I call it ours as we have been here several times, and the breads and pastries are really nice, well most of the times.
The only thing here is there is always the same guy hanging out the front of the shop, begging for money, but only a dollar, he stops everyone, and even yells out to you while your sitting there asking for a dollar, he death stares everyone, all the time, we refuse to give him any money, as to be honest he looks like he really does not need it and he creeps me out.
But I can't help watching him, I even took a photo of him, I'll put it up on facebook.

So we decide to head back to the markets as there is a few herbs and spices I want to buy, so off we go again, and the hustlers continue, we eventually made our escape with some spices and The Captain got roped into buying two tshirts...haha

So next we decide to take the boat around to another little spot, this one is called Friers Beach, they say there are often a lot of Sea Turtles here, well did we see any? Nope
But we decided to jump over board with goggles and snorkels and have a swim around, we ended up right in shore, so we took a little walk on the beach then decided to sit for awhile, to catch our breath for the big swim back.
While we were sitting there we noticed a guy swimming very close to our boat, now it's a long way off shore and we are thinking we will never get out there to stop him.

He disappears behind the boat and we jump up real quick, the panic hits, there is a guy with a dingy, that just came to shore, so we race to him and ask if he can take us out to our boat, he can not speak English so we are frantically trying to explain what is happening, and look up the guy is swimming back around the other side of the boat, it looks like he was just having a swim and checking out our boat...haha

Major drama over, and after our heart beats settles we swim back to the boat and breath a huge sigh of relief.

You may think we over dramatised this a bit, but when you here on the two way everyday to make sure you lock everything on board and the stuff that gets stolen daily is just crazy, also we had not locked anything up as we were only going for a quick swim.

So the next stop was a area called Grand Case, so off we go again, by the time we get there The Captain has a problem with his ears from swimming and has gone completely deaf.
So google to the rescue, man the things we did to get the water out of his ears was crazy, from him hopping up and down, hitting the side of his head hanging upside down over a seat, pouring alcohol into his ears, warm olive oil, syringes with warm water, the list went on and on, did it work? Nope
So we go ashore anyway, me being the guide, so he would not get run over by traffic, and walk around all these third world places, trying to find a nice place to have a cocktail or two.
I felt very uneasy about this place from the moment we set foot onshore, and just did not feel safe at all, we managed to find a take away place and the Captain ordered some ribs and Chicken to go.
They have these BBQ's all over the island just little road side places they just cook up chicken and rips and sides, they are so dodgy, I was a little upset that I could not eat any, as we have no idea what spices they use, and besides, I'm not sure i really wanted to eat from them anyway, but The Captain, had a fine meal and was none the worse after it, pity it did not fix his hearing.

So too very tried cruisers call it a night, lets hope his hearing is restored in the morning.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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