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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
13th Jun 2013 - Summer 2013
Day 8-June 13, 2013-Branson

Day 8-June 13, 2013-Branson
Hot again, in the 90’s, but it got cooler toward evening.
Spent the morning on the porch updating the blog and watching the birds. I feel like I’m in my own private tree house, the birds fly right up to the branches outside the screen. I don’t think they can me through it.
Did some laundry and caught up on e-mails and phone calls. This is the first day we haven’t had anything planned ‘til later tonight. We looked at the maps and decided (for now, anyway) that we’re going to go northwest toward Kansas City, MO?/KS?, which is a little over 200 miles from here.
Went to see The Twelve Irish Tenors tonight at King’s Castle Theatre on the strip. Most of the theatres are on the strip so the traffic gets crazy right before and after the shows, which is almost all day. The shows are usually at 10am, 2pm and 7:30 or 8pm. It takes 20 minutes to go a mile sometimes-that’s why they have the red, blue and yellow route around “the strip” but if you’re going to a show there’s really no easy way to go so you just leave early enough.
I expected Twelve Irish tenors singing Irish ballads and they didn’t disappoint by starting out with “Danny Boy” and did everything else I expected and they were really good-their harmonies were great and I liked that they kept the costumes simple-black pants and vests with green shirts the first half and the same pants with white shirts and suspenders the second half-they looked classy. Even the backdrops were simple. They did a lot of stuff unexpectedly like Barry Manilow, some opera arias, Simon & Garfunkel, Lionel Ritchie and even some Bette Midler and Queen that was really good. Three songs from Les Mis were unbelievable, a couple of them had fantastic voices but when they did “Twist & Shout”, “Sherry, Baby” and “Hey, Jude”, they lost me. They sounded great but their voices were so much more suited for harmony. When they tried some dance routines and choreography it was kind of cheesy, although one of them was an Irish dance champion and when he did Irish dancing he was good. The comedy they tried simply did not work, don’t know if it was the cultural difference or just bad jokes but nobody was laughing. Guess they had to try different stuff to keep the act fresh and maybe it would have been boring listening to Irish tenor music all night but I think they should have kept to what they were great at. Or maybe I’m just “showed” out and it’s time to move on. The seats were great, 8th row center aisle. We skipped Andy’s Custard tonight and went to Cakes-n-Creams Dessert Parlor instead. It’s just what the name implies-a 50’s type soda fountain shop with great coconut cream pie.

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Diary Photos

Traffic before show

Twelve Irish Tenors

Traffic after show

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