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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 19th Jun 2013
Tuesday 18th June 2013

Tuesday 18th June 2013

Well another very hot day today, it's crazy it never gets below, 30°, it climbs to about 34°, and that's it, day or night its the same.

That does not stop us doing all the bits and pieces, that need to get done we just use heaps of sunscreen, drink heaps of water and have cold showers, but hey we are surviving.

The riggers still could not come out today, they are promising Wednesday, I sure hope so, as we really need to leave Thursday.

The Captain has been busy running around getting bits for the Fridge and stuff, and what took a good chunk of the day getting it back in place, it is now hooked to a canister of gas and we hope this will be enough to get us back to Aus, where we can get it fixed properly.

And me well I have been oiling the timber all day, I think I may just have more on me then the boat, i could stand out in the rain, and the water would just run off me, am actually afraid to jump over board for fear of getting charged to clean up the oil slick...haha. but hey its all done now except the sides but I need to get into the dingy, to finish that last bit.
Will it last? Who knows we are only expecting to get a month out of it, but she sure is looking good again at the moment.

We decided to have a movie night tonight, as we have unlimited Internet at the moment, I have been downloading a heap of movies and tv series, yeah I'm a real pirate...haha

We really enjoyed the third series of Game Of Thrones, and tonight we watched Jack The Giant Slayer...even though it was really a kids one, we did enjoy it.

As we have had no TV since we left Australia, and to be honest we really do not miss it one bit, but we do like to watch the odd movie or two.
I have a fair few on my computer now, so that will keep us going for awhile.

And other than that we read, man I have read so many books I would not even be able to count them all, lucky I have a kindle App on my ipad so I have at the last count about 200 plus on there, all free of cause.
Am glad Cloud is about as most are stored on that and when we are about to take off I download a heap to my ipad, so I can read them along the way.
I just love modern technology.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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