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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 21st Jun 2013
Wednesday 19th June 2013

Wednesday 19th June 2013

Well what a night we had, it stormed the whole night, talk about rain, man it poured.
The big leak in our cabin looks all fixed finally, but yeap another has sprung up...far out it just never ends, but this one is on The Captains side, at his feet, it will make a change as my feet always got wet...haha watch how quick this one gets fixed.

So it ended up being a rainy miserable day, on and off all day it rained, we did the cockpit cover shuffle all day, well it felt like it, down the covers would go zip them, down, rain stops zip them up, rain starts down they go again, at least they keep out most of the rain, so that is great, but it gets so hot in here, you just are hanging out for it to stop raining so you can let some breeze in again.

So dramas for the day you bet, the never ending fridge problem, well The Captain finally tracked down a gas bottle, as we already had the fittings, on board, so all we needed was a can of gas, so yesterday he hooks it all up as I had said before, all is working great, well this morning nothing, it is not cold at all, so back to the drawing board, it looks like all the gas has come out.
The guy who fixed it for us, is away delivering a yacht but we are hoping will be back, today or tomorrow, so all the stuff that we could has been transferred to the other fridge and small freezer.

Also we have still not got anywhere with the rigging, The captain goes in twice sometimes three times a day to see them, but still no luck there at all we actually want to leave tomorrow, but that's not gonna happen now.

Me I finally got to clean half of the hull of the boat, this was done in the dingy, in light rain, and blowing a gale, it was so not fun, trying to hang on and clean at the same time, and I so did not want to fall in this water, as we are in the lagoon, the water in here is not real nice and not very clean at all.
But managed to get the rust marks once again off the side and she looks good, well one side anyway, I still have to oil the timber trims but that may have to wait awhile now.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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