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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 3rd Jul 2013
Monday 24th June 2013

Monday 24th June 2013

Well after a shocking nights sleep, I actually had a little sleep in, woke up at 7am, that's really late for us we are usually awake around 5.30, 6.00am.

This was not a good day to sleep in, we had way too much to do, to get away today.

The Captain went in first thing and asked the riggers if they would finish today, as per usual they would not promise anything, but said its looking like after lunch, we once again, told them we have to be out through the bridge at 4.30pm this is the last time it opens for the day, they just say yeah we know, and go on there merry way, seriously they are so frustrating, it drives us crazy.

So we just said the hell with it, we are going to get ready, anyway, so then it begins.
We were going to take the boat in to fill up the fuel tanks, but this was not looking so good, so The Captain decides to save time he will fill the jerry cans, and make several trips, we have a lot of cans, and don't need a huge anoint, as it is, we properly already have enough but to be on the safe side, we decided to get a top up.

The first trip I go with The Captain, and he drops me off at the local supermarket to get the groceries while he does the fuel thing, so that done, The Captain makes several more trips, tanks now full, then decides to take back the Internet device, go to the bank, and then customs to sign out, of this country.
I stayed on the boat and get everything else organised, you have no idea what it takes to get ready, it's crazy, from closing all hatches, lashing down everything that may move, reorganising the Galley to ocean mode, filling everything up, like sugar, coffee, flour, etc, then soaps shampoo, hand wash you name it and also get the food items that you may need out of lockers for easy reach, it just goes on and on, everything has to be lashed, wrapped tied, inside and out.
We try and be completely organised, but it never goes to plan, one day we may get it right.

I might add that this was all done, before we were 100% certain we were leaving, eventually 3.30pm comes around and they finally finished, so then it was just sheer chaos.
At 4pm they had still not got the bill ready for us to pay, I was just ready to skip this country and they could just send us the bill...haha was worth a try and after we got the bill we sure wish we had skipped the Country.

So we make it to the bridge and get outside, we breath a sigh of relief, and head out, now we still don't have everything done, so we switch off the motor and float around, till we organise the last bits and pieces.

And here we are I'm on watch once again, rocking and rolling all over the place, with nothing but water all around well I think so, it is night time and I really can't see much, but I sure can hear the waves crashing.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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