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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 3rd Jul 2013
Tuesday 25th June 2013

Tuesday 25th June 2013

Day 1

Well after trying to sleep for the last few hours, as its so hard we are on a following sea, well almost, it means the wind is coming from behind, this is the best seas to have, but as we don't have the main sail out at the moment, being that it was dark by the time we got the sails up last night, and to put the main up, can be quite tricky, and neither of us won't to be on deck, in the dark, if we can help it, so the results are we are rolling so far over one way and than then roll the other way.
This is shocking to try and sleep, you have cushion tucked in all around, but it still feels like your internal organs are rolling from side to side, serious, it really does, and with me having lost a lot of those bits and pieces inside, I feel like they may just all tangle up together, into one big giant mess...haha god help the next doc that had to open me up again, nothing would be where it should be, lungs, liver, kidneys the lot, all mixed up.

man I get carried away, I finally managed to sleep dreaming away and bam down it pours, so the mad cockpit cover shuffle was on things getting untied zippers, going down, it is not perfect, but it sure kept most of the water out, which was great, but the rain was just a typical, tropical shower, it comes down in buckets, out of nowhere, and by the time you have everything, zipped down it stops, The Captain thinks there is someone up there, turning the tap on and then cracking up laughing, watching us do this over and over.

Anyway it's my shift not much happening, just enjoyed my first coffee for the day. And sitting here with the sun starting to come up, I can already feel the warmth on my shoulder, and a nice breeze blowing.

My watch kinda.
The Captain has just layed down to sleep, we have been busy all morning playing around with sails, as there is not a lot of wind.
We now have a pole out with the Yankie and the main mast up as well, oh and the mizzen so this was a huge effort on The Captain, as he fiddled this one and that for hours, is he happy with them now? Well not really but they will do for awhile, and at least we are heading in the right direction again.
Me well I finally have my fishing rod up again and all set, just waiting for the click click click....been waiting awhile...haha

My proper watchfor the night.

Well it's dark, a gentle breeze blowing, and the stars are out, man there are so many and they are so bright, it takes your breath away.
And yes the sails have been rearrange a fair few times through the day, but all is happy now.
We are doing on average 6knots and making about 140nm a day which is great.
We have also had several showers on and off, the typical 10 minute ones, and the zips have been flying up and down a fair bit, it's a pain to put them up and down so much but at least all is dry inside.

And yeap no click, click, clicks yet, so sadly no fish for dinner.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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