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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 6th Jul 2013
Friday 5th July 2013

Friday 5th July 2013

Well what a night we had, it rained and rained, we managed to get all the covers down, but have found leaks in them too, man this seems like all we do is chase around fixing leaks.

And boy have we found more today, it has rained so heavy almost all day, that the leaks we thought we had fixed, have sprung leaks...haha it never ends.

The Captain went in to shore by himself this time, and fixed the last bit of stuff with the Port Captain, well he thinks he did, but we do have more papers now, and they are all in Spanish so we really have no idea what they are.

Me I spent all day still cleaning sorting, and a good chunk of the day, racing around opening and closing hatches and covers to stop all the rain coming in, it's way too hot to have them closed all the time, so any chance you get to open them you jump at.

We still have not got any closer to fixing up our passage through the Canal, but are working on it.

And the Howling Monkeys, what we thought was them howling I was wrong, we looked it up on google and the sound is so different, these we here on and off all day and night, they must be all around us in the jungle, I would love to see them but so far we just hear them.
They make such a racket when the rain comes its quite funny, you here the rain and wind coming through the mountains before it hits us, than you here the monkeys, so we know instantly that it's gonna rain.

The other thing we have been watching is Pelicans, now these guys are such a sad species from ours back home.
For a start they are so skinny and dirty brown in colour, and we get great entertainment in watching them land, it's the funniest thing, they don't put out there feet and glide into the water like normal pelicans, they put there feet down hit the water a hundred miles an hour and just face plant the water, it's so funny.
I have tried to take a video of them doing this but so far no good ones.
Will keep trying.

The water has now turned a muddy brown with all the rain, and the stuff that is floating pass is unbelievable, from branches to huge logs, I have been watching everyone that goes past, you never know one just maybe those Crocs we hear so much about.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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