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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 10th Jul 2013
Tuesday 11th June 2013

Tuesday 11th June 2013

Well it's raining again, are you getting sick of hearing this?, cause we are so sick of living with it...haha

We are still sleeping in the cockpit, as its just way too hot down in our cabin, but it means getting up and down all night opening and closing the covers, I swear we both just do it in our sleep.
Sometimes I'm just too tired to care and lay there and think, whatever, and wet legs won't kill me, but when the rain starts hitting you in the face you know that's enough and up you jump once again.

The Captain has finally found the right electrical wire that is not working for the back fans.
After pulling almost the whole boat apart, now he just needs to find the spot were it has stopped getting current through, as one end is live and the other is dead.
So that is still ongoing.

Me I have been like a caged animal, these last two days, and am driving myself mental, I just hate being cooped up in the rain.

So I decided it was time to start fishing.
I have been watching three local guys in their dug out canoes fishing everyday, so they must be catching something. All they use is a hand line but for the life of me I have no idea what they use for bait.

So of cause I google some home bait recipes, they sure have some weird and wonderful recipes.

As we have no meat, chicken or fish on the boat, that one is ruled out, but we do have some tins of tuna knocking around here so am thinking tuna oil and bread.

So that's a start, the bread is not so fresh and just falls off the hook, I'm sitting at the back of the boat, where the hand of bananas are hanging and some have fallen to the ground after The Captain had a fight with the dingy rope, a pulley and bananas, not really sure which came out the best, although after he was finished they all looked a bit worse for wear, there was bits of bananas, all over the place, jammed into pulleys, ropes, and one very frustrated Captain, am still picking up bits of bananas two days after the event

So this gives me an idea, yes the bananas, so cut some up dip them in tuna oil, and cast out, yeap nothing I even, cut them in little fish shapes.

So back to google they say to make dough balls, and the smellier and bright colour the better, so go a hunting and come up with dough balls with chilli, cheese and a bunch of herbs and spices, The Captain looks at this and just says very serious, I don't think they are Mexican Fish....haha

And nope nothing, but the dough at least sticks to the hook better.
So after hours and hours and using almost everything I could find even gummy worm lollies yeap, we actually had some of these on the boat as well.
Nothing is working, there is fish out there as they taunt me jumping all over the place, I even dug out all the fishing gear and rigged up another rod with lures, tried that and still nothing at least I'm not bored anymore...haha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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