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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
22nd Jul 2013 - Summer 2013
Day 47-July 22, 2013-A Few Minor Blips and Minor League Baseball

Day 47-July 22, 2013-Anybody know a good welder? And Root, Root, Root for the home team!
Hot again, 105, but breezy at night.
Ended the day with a great minor league baseball game at Raley Field, just across the beautiful Tower Bridge in Sacramento-the Sacramento River Cats vs. Colorado Springs Sky Sox. The Sacramento River Cats are a triple A affiliate of the Oakland A’s and are #1 right now and The Sky Sox are affiliates of the Colorado Rockies. It was Throwback Monday which means the players all wore the Sacramento Solon team uniforms from 1937, the ushers all wore uniforms from that year, the peanuts and popcorn was fifty cents, coffee was a dollar, the music was from that era and they played movie clips from old baseball movies, including Abbot and Costello’s “Who’s on First” which is still funny all these years later.  We had great seats, 5th row right on the first base.  It was a beautiful breezy night, the sunset was gorgeous and the home team won 10-2. We got free coupons for food and merchandise all over town but since we’re leaving we gave them to a resident at the campground.
But first we needed to deal with some blips in life. We had already taken some weight off the bike rack by moving one bike to the ladder on the RV but with all the bouncing over mountains the bumper hitch needed to be welded. Called a mobile welder who fixed us up and we can now carry both bikes on it.

Also had a little OOPS with one of the tail-lights so Harry went to Ford to get a new lens cap but didn’t have time to fix it before the game.
Sacramento is an easy city to navigate, everything was near to what we wanted, the fair was only 2-1/2 miles away, Raley Field only 10 miles, Old Sacramento about 6 miles and downtown a mere 3 miles. All the stores and services we needed were right near the campground. Very friendly city, we had a wonderful time. And did I mention the beautiful breezes at night?

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22nd Jul 2013  Raley Field

22nd Jul 2013  Sunset at ball game
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Sacramento River Cats Baseball game movie

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