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Sailng on Windwanderer.
1st Aug 2013
Thursday 1st August 2013

Thursday 1st August 2013

Well it the 1st of another month, man the days are flying.

Today we decided to do the rest of our shopping, this I was not looking forward too at all.
As we wanted to get some fresh fruit and veges, that at least would last longer than a few days, yeah serious, it goes off so quick it crazy, am not sure wether it's the humidity , or salt water or what, but we have been told if you can get it from a local market it last a lot longer.

So there is a lot of local markets here but you need a local to go with you, first we can not speak Spanish, and 2nd they rip you off something shocking, if your not from around here.
We were told there is a local guy here that will pick you up and take you there and buy it all for you, so we call him in the morning and he is busy, but will be available in the afternoon.

So all is good we will go to a few other places first, so all dressed, off we go face the dreaded dingy dock, but it's fairly high tied so we handled that one ok, and go to catch a taxi, now almost anywhere around here cost no more than $5 but the first place we were going should of only been about $1.50.

This is a strip of shops that sell anything and everything, but were told not to go to any back streets as its very unsafe, so we flag down a taxi and he wants to charge us $5
We say no, he gets all angry, so off we go to find another one, we get to the next one and he says $5 also, we say no way, and the fight continues, we ended up paying $3 but it was still a rip off, but we were over it all by then and just happy to be at least on our way.

So this guys drops us off at a side street as no way will he drive us any closer, so out we hop, to a very busy area very third world, a bit scary, but I had my mace spray in my hand and a death grip on my bag.

And we get to this shopping area, man I tell you it is so different than shopping back home, the sites and smells is not real good, but the stuff was so cheap, we were actually on the hunt for some cheap clothes, as we have been told its really cheap here, and the clothes that we now have are not so good, you kinda try to find the least amount of stains and the least amount of holes in to go ashore.

So yeah we were in need of some new clothes, now we were not looking for anything fancy just short tshirts, skirts and such.
And boy did we find it, talk about cheap about $3 an item, we stocked up big time.

So after hours of walking shopping and taking in all the locals even the local Indian tribes called Khuna the ladies wore the most colourful outfits, it amazing, several times I had to stop myself staring at them, I just could not help it, as they were everywhere and you sure could not miss them...haha

So overloaded with parcels we decided to go to another shopping mall, so another taxi ride, this one $3 again, and the guy drops us off at the entrance.

Now I have to say I have never in any country, seen a shopping centre like this, it was massive and so up market, talk about one extreme to the next, man it must of been miles long, they say its like shopping in America, well I had never seen a shopping complex like this in America I can tell you.

We walked for hours and it just kept on going, there is no way in the world you could see it all in one day.
And yeah we ended up buying more clothes here as well, but needed to get the food shopping done, by this time it was getting late in the day, and we were both so tired that we just decided to get what we needed here and a few fruit and veges and be done with it.
So we then needed another taxi to get back to the dock, this guy wanted to charge us $15 we just said no way, but I was so warn out I would of paid $20 but no The Captain managed to get him down to $7, which was ok I guess and off we went.

Now the big problem was it was now low tide, and we are looking at this with a Million packages and having no idea how we are going to get it into the dingy without doing some major damage to ourselves.

But as luck had it, we managed to get it all on board and other than wet feet, we survived, I still have no idea how it all went down but it must of just been our lucky day.

So get back to the boat, get it all out of the dingy, into the cockpit, down the companion way, and into the galley.
And it's 6.30pm, now The Captain had arranged to meet some of the guys ashore at a local pizza place for dinner, I just looked at him and said you go, I'm way to tired, and was not feeling real well, and also I had to at least put the fridge stuff away.

So off he goes I managed to sort out the fridge stuff put that all away , and just chilled for the rest of the night.
There was no way I could of put the rest of the stuff away, it just had to wait till tomorrow.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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