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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 2nd Aug 2013
Friday 2nd August 2013

Friday 2nd August 2013

Well I woke up to stuff everywhere, I so wish I had the energy last night to pack it away, anything would of been better than facing this stuff I can tell you.

I have to say provisioning sucks, you not only have to buy the stuff, then get it back to the boat, but worse is trying to find a place to store it all, and also to store it right, you can't just pack it into a pantry and that's done. No you have to take it out of the original package pack it, into other bags or containers, so it's bug proof, waterproof, and make sure it does not move around and get broken, this alone can take days, oh and also to remember where it all is, and it can be anywhere in the boat believe me.

We have been told several times, to make sure you have rum and stuff to trade, when in the islands of the pacific, as its very hard for them to get a lot of goods, so we bought some extra rum yesterday, and today that got me thinking about all the other stuff on the boat that was on here when we got it.

I so wish I didn't think so much. :-/

This started a whole clean out of every locker on the boat, and also to repack a lot of stuff, as we had some critters in a bag of sesame seeds, and I so didn't want critters in the rest of the supplies, so out came everything, all the dry goods, flour, seeds, lentils, beans, just to name a few, all got repacked, in very strong double plastic bags with enough bay leaves to send them all back to china.

While I was going from locker to locker I was sorting out jars and cans of food that we will never eat and also about 6 more bottles of alcohol that we don't drink as well, so all this has been placed in the Vberth, for swapping for food or fuel, or whatever.

( oh and if your wondering, no we have not given up on drinking, as its so so cheap here we have enough on board of what we like to drink, to last a very very long time, well maybe). Haha

This took all day with me also cleaning the boat from top to bottom.

We were going to leave tomorrow , and I always like to start out with a clean and organised boat, not that it stays that way for long, but it always makes me feel better, to start with.

The Captain has been busy also, going back and forth getting extra fuel, to pulling the water maker apart, we have had a leak in it for quiet some time now and have been waiting for a spare part to arrive from America.
So that is still all in pieces, as he can not get the end off no matter how hard he tries.

So with a heap of emails back and forth and a few tools borrowed from another boat here, it's looking like that repair is going to have to wait till tomorrow.

Also our new freezer is not working the way it should, as we have them both wired to the same lead, this may be the problem as there is not enough current going through, we think, so he needs to look into that and also check the motor and stuff,
So tomorrow we will still be here.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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