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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 5th Aug 2013
Monday 5th August 2013

Monday 5th August 2013

Well today my boy is officially an adult, Happy 21st Birthday my boy, I know you would of had a great day.

I so wish we could of been there to celebrate with you, but we will when we get home, love you heaps. xxx

So we finally feel like we are living the dream, it may be short lived, but right at the moment it feels good...haha

We moved after lunch today to go to the island of Contadora, on the way here we got to see the long awaited whale sighting, man we were so excited, that we forgot to take pics...hahaha

There were two about 100 meters off the back of the boat, we slowed the boat right down and just sat and watched, it bought tears to my eyes, they are so so big, but we still only got a little glimpse, they dived down after awhile and we waited for a bit but they did not surface again so off we went once again, this time with me sitting on the back bench of the boat, binoculars in one hand and the camera in the other, sadly we only seen a few more in the distance so no good pics, but still great to see.

We finally got to this new island and grabbed a mooring ball, and all was good.

Man I so wished we could of come to these island sooner, what a pretty place.

We managed to get the AIS fixed after several phone calls and The Captain fiddling with the settings on the computer, which was the problem all along, it's now up and running, was so nice to hear that alarm bell go off when another boat got close.

An the freezer this also after several phone calls, we now know of a few things to try and see what is going on, I may not of told you but the old fridge decided to stop working as well, that one came way too close to going over board, man these things are driving me nuts, it was looking like we were down to just one fridge at one stage, a small one at that.

So we called some guys in America, and yes another South African, man they are everywhere, the Captain had a fine old time talking to him in Afrikaans, me i had no idea what they were saying.

But he told us a lot of stuff to try with both fridges, so we are working on that.

This afternoon we decided to dingy to a little deserted beach and have a walk around, and what a pretty spot, surrounded by tropical forest and not a single foot print in sight, man we just sat on a log and took it all in, you could just imagine Tom Hanks and Wilson here...haha

We walked around collected some sand for my collection, and noticed some little black shell sea snails on the rocks, The Captain called them periwinkles, and told me he used them for fishing when he was younger, a long long time ago...hahaha

We then noticed a few locals on the rocks with a bucket and net so me being the great fishing woman that I am...haha, had to go find out what they were catching, it turned out one could speak perfect English, and said they were catching small fish for fishing, The Captain asked him about the periwinkles and he said yes they will catch great fish, well that's all I needed, I wanted to strip the rocks bare, but The Captain would only allow me to take about a dozen, he has this habit of Rolling his eyes and says Angell, I know this look so well, and I usually give in, but I did sneak a few extra in while he was not looking...haha

So back to the boat we go, it's starting to get dark now and as soon as we are on board , I park myself on a bean bag at the back of the boat, with a little hand line and start fishing, oh man I had fun, hours later, with The Captain throwing out little hints about stomach pains and starving to death...hahah it was about 8.30pm.
I had caught about 15 fish, only two were big enough to keep, but that didn't matter, I still had great fun, but now gave in to The Captain and once I cleaned, gutted and bagged the fish to eat tomorrow, with a little help from The Captain, to cut off their heads, and the back of the boat looking like a mass murder had taken place, I cleaned up and showered and got some dinner ready.

And here we sit, with the boat smelling like a fishing vessel, The Captain complaining about his hands smelling like fish, and me with a contented look on my face, life is good.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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