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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
8th Aug 2013 - Summer 2013
Day 64-August 8, 2013-National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum & OKC Day 3

Day 64-August 8, 2013-OKC Day 3
Rained last night, much more comfortable today, high of 90 and a slight breeze.  They say this is the normal weather, the heat was unusual.
Lazed around this morning and didn’t get out of the campground ‘til late morning. Went to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum which was less than five minutes away. What a place! Everything you wanted to know about the cowboy and then some. Huge building where we were greeted by a guide who told us what there was to see and explained some of the exhibits. We started by watching a video of the museum which highlighted the best things to do and see. The first thing we saw was “The End of the Trail” sculpture, 18’ tall and over 4 tons, Indian on a horse at the end of the “Trail of Tears”. Even the horse looks forlorn. “Canyon Princess” is an 18’, 16000 pound white cougar sculpture made of marble that is magnificent. Also a large than life sculpture of Abraham Lincoln.
Then there was gallery upon gallery of artwork, rooms and rooms of paintings, mostly oils and sculptures, bronze, marble, etc. Exhibits of cowboy hats, boots, firearms, saddles, barb wire (who knew there were so many kinds of barb wire) over 8000 on display. A whole rodeo gallery with life size bucking broncos and riders, bulls, roping, etc. names and history of all the champions. Prosperity Junction is a 1900’s Western cattle town set at twilight with authentic pieces and full size structures. Then a film and a gallery of all the Western films made from over 100 years ago to the present. A few rooms and exhibits dedicated to the American Indians and the Military. There’s an events center with five panoramic murals, each over 18’ x 46’ that was set up for over 600 for dinner tonight. There’s a hands on “cowboy corral” for kids, outdoor gardens with more statures and ponds and probably lots of stuff we didn’t even see. It’s all very open-air and spacious even though there is so much inside. We spent a few hours in there and still missed a lot, I’m sure.
Harry then dropped me off at a nail spa and he went to Wal-Mart to get a box for the new jack. We then went to see a movie, “The Heat”, which was pretty good. I’ve never been to a movie where you had to climb stairs once you were inside the theatre. They also sold real food that you could bring in, pizza, hot dogs, ice cream, etc.
By now it was after 7PM so we came back to camp for dinner, then went back to the casino but only for a little over an hour, there was a band playing, it was really loud and busy and lady luck was not that good to us, Harry won about $10 but but I came out a loser.

Watched some great lightning just as we were going to bed.  Not strikes, just constant flashes, really pretty.  Hope it stays far away, though, it looks menacing.
The campground was within 15 minutes of everywhere we went today, it really is a nice place. Leaving OKC tomorrow and continuing to head home. I’m glad we gave OK another chance, the first time we only drove through and it was windy and dusty. We both had a really good time here.

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Diary Photos

The End of the Trail sculpture

No Title

Rodeo exhibit

8, 000 different barb wires

Two Lazy Two Pee brand

Ronald Reagan et al

Harry cracking the safe

Oil Painting exhibit

Military in the west statue

Me in jail

Us with Canyon Princess cougar sculpture

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