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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 9th Aug 2013
Friday 9th August 2013

Friday 9th August 2019

Day 3

5.15am my watch

Well The Captain let me sleep for 4 hours, man do I feel a lot better now.

At the moment he is snoring away across from me.

So what is happening in the little world of ours,? Not much I can tell you.
It's getting lighter outside now, I can see scattered clouds, am wondering wether we may get some sunshine today, I kinda hope so, the last few days have been so overcast, that we actually have not seen the sun at all.

We are still motor sailing as we only have 5knots of wind, this old boat of ours needs at least over 10knots to even get her moving, we have the wind on the nose, so we are doing the rocking horse motion all the time, with a bit of sideways roll thrown in for good measure.

There is nothing showing on the radar at all, I actually just turned it off and back on again to make sure the thing was still working, and it is.
No boats around at all, we really have no idea where the others are, so much for being close together.

I guess at least I don't have to listen to how many fish they have caught now...haha
The score is zero, on this boat if you really have to know. Haha.

6.30pm my watch

Well we have had the main sail chafe through once again, The Captain is not happy about this at all, but has now fixed it so all is good again.

Other than a storm not much has happened, we managed to change direction that the storm was heading and caught the edge of it, so was mainly just a lot of rain.

But still no wind if it wasn't for the motor running, we would be just bobbing around here going nowhere.

The Captain is thinking we should change the name of the boat to Wind Wonderer, we wonder if we will ever get wind again....haha

At the moment we have a vibration happening and it sounds just like the music from Jaws when the shark is coming, just that first few seconds of the music.
And talking about fish there must be some mighty big ones out here as three times they have bitten through a steel leader, on my lines, this is so frustrating as I know they are out there, but maybe I don't really wont something that big on the boat anyway.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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