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Sailng on Windwanderer.
12th Aug 2013
Monday 12th August 2013

Monday 12th August 2013

Day 6

7am my watch kinda.

Well we are still at it, as we turned last night and headed, north/ west, to try and get somewhere at least.
We are up to day 6 and should of been getting close to Galapagos, buy now, we have decided to stop there as we need more fuel for the next leg, we were never going to stop here at all, as its just way too expensive.

To check in would cost us around $2,000 which is just crazy, but if you have boat repairs or need fuel or water, you can stay for 72 hours free, or maybe a small fee.

Or plan B maybe we will turn back towards the coast, and head into Ecuador, and get fuel there, at the rate we are going we will be nowhere for weeks,  we really are just bobbing, or rocking around the Pacific Ocean.

Oh and we have just past a little island called Malpeo, it's basically just a huge mountain jutting out of the ocean, this was actually our second time we have past this, in 24hours, but the first time, we could not see it as it was about 20nm away, this time about 5nm.

The fishing gear has been changed again, for the day, am slowly making my way through the mountain of lures on here, sooner or later these fish are gonna like one.
So far the only two they did like was the cedar plugs, and both got bitten off, wish I had more of them.

7.30pm my watch

Well we have turned around once again, it feels like we are just going up and down here, and yeap we have passed the little island for the third time, it's like oh look, there's an island, than look there is that island again, and oh no not again look...hahaha

There is a bit of logic in what we are doing we are kinda zig zagging, to go as far west as we can, but it's just not happening real well the wind is just against us.
So we have made the decision to go to Ecuador, and get some fuel and a some more fresh fruit and vegges, And than take off and by pass the Galápagos Islands completely.

So, that's where we are at, at this moment anyway, The Captain does tend to change  his mind a lot, so who knows.

The wind died down some today so I managed to make us a nice lunch, we had carrots sticks with homemade crab dip, home made ginger beer, and wait homemade again, bread but this time  cinnamon bread, we felt like kings, ....hahaha

And I hooked a fish, yay just didn't land it, no yay...hahaha
But it put up quite a fight which was fun, by the time I got the lure back on board and looked at the mess it was in, I'm kinda glad I didn't land it.
It must of been one big fish.

So am sitting here trying to keep myself awake its now about 9pm, yeah I know that's not late but when you are bone tired and have been thrown around the boat so much, and very little sleep, it's hard I tell you.

And with The Captain snoring away across from me it's even harder still.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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